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January 31, 2008

Shelton on 3AW again

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For anyone who is interested, Shelton will be making another on-air appearance, on Melbourne’s 3AW this Sunday 3rd February at 4pm Australian Eastern Summer Time.
If you want to call in and speak with “The Guru”, the number is (03) 9243 2000.
If any of our international listeners would like to call in, remember to dial your international dialling prefix, and then the country code (which for Australia is +61).
If you’re not sure of the time difference between where you are, and Melbourne (which is currently UTC +11), check out World Time Server.

January 27, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 102

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This week, a couple of listener e-mails, including one from Landon Michaelson about LensBaby’s bokeh’s,
plus Shelton asks what makes your photography distinctive?

Also, Shelton’s new video series coming soon!

January 20, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 101

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This week, a brief chat about the weather in Melbourne,
shooting weddings in the heat,
depth of field, focal length, and sensor size,
Shelton’s youtube video,
the death of the ricoh GR,
another listener project (making a bokeh),
and using off-camera flash in the middle of the day (like Shelton used here).

January 13, 2008

No podcasts this week

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Hi all,
Sorry, no new content this week.
There’s a myriad of reasons which I won’t bore you with, but I can say this…. Shutters Inc will be back next weekend, as will Sine Language. Building The Pod is currently looking at about a 50% probability. Cross your fingers, all you BTP listeners.

January 8, 2008

Another dose of The Man

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Shelton was on 3AW again today… those poor, poor Melbourne people!
How do they stand it?
Anyway, he wanted to subject you to it, as well! 🙂

January 5, 2008

The loudness war

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For anyone who has listened to my podcasts and somehow managed never to hear me on my soapbox, here’s an article worth reading about the loudness war.

Also, check out Turn Me Up!, a non-profit organisation (of audio engineers) devoted to bringing dynamics back to music.

January 3, 2008

Site tweaking in progress

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Hi all,
Just a little “heads up” to let you know that over the next few days, you may some some strange rendering of the pages on
Then again, you may not either!
But if you do, it’s all ok. Phil and I are just tweaking some things in the background. Don’t stress.

Some midnight munchies to tide you over

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OK, it’s not a real ep of Shutters Inc, but Shelton made another appearance on Melbourne’s 3AW today, and asked me to post the audio.
Just something to tide you over until we resume in a couple of weeks.
Enjoy… and sorry about the audio quality. Out of my hands.