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March 16, 2008

Bruce is “off the air” for a while.

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Hi guys,
Sorry to say but I’m not going to be able to produce any new podcasts for about the next 7 weeks.
By the time you read this, it will (almost) be Monday here in Sydney and I’m starting (at least) a 2 week stint filling in as Commercial Producer at MIX106.5.
There is a high probability that that will be extended to 3 weeks, which is going to take me right through until the weekend I fly out to California.
And every spare minute I have between now and then is going to be spent on research for my Lynda duties.
And of course, I was always going to be out of the podcasting arena for those 3 weeks in the U.S. anyway.
So, it looks like I won’t be able to produce any shows until the first week of May.
Naturally, I will blog as often as I can to keep you informed of what I’m up to, and will certainly post pics both here and on Flickr of whatever I shoot in the States.
Sorry for the absence.

Shutters Inc – episode 108

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This week, our last podcast for about 7 weeks!
Shelton is off this week to take a photo tour to Kangaroo Island (for those wanting to see what Kangaroo Island looks like, Shelton recommends the movie, “December Boys” with Daniel Radcliffe),
Bruce is freelancing at a radio station in Sydney for the next 3 weeks, and will then be heading off to the US for the following 3 weeks,
we received some ‘green screen’ photos from Mark Haffner at ENVPIX Photography (see below). This is a topic we may cover in more detail upon our return.
Bruce is now on facebook,
Also, the final episode in our “wedding series”… shooting the wedding reception.
Shelton is going to supply some silhouette shots of the bridal waltz, but we’re still waiting for those. Check back soon.

Girls 1 Girls 2 Green screen 1 from Mark Haffner Green screen 2 from Mark Haffner

March 14, 2008

A video for you

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One of my contacts on Facebook just posted this clip.
I watched it, and was struck by how much it echoes exactly the things that our fearless leader has been telling us all these months.
I’m not familiar with the guy speaking, but he is obviously a fairly experienced photographer as well.

March 11, 2008

Looking for Bruce on Facebook?

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I’m right here!

March 9, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 107

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This week, more on the “after-the-ceremony” shots,
Shelton is heading off to Kangaroo Island to conduct a photo tour,
a couple of e-mails addressed,
Carlos Rivera’s video on YouTube,
the photo book company Shelton mentioned last week is Susanpro,
Bruce’s dream car,
and a few of Shelton’s wedding shots….

March 2, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 106

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We’re back!
This week, the wedding progresses.
More on the “after-the-ceremony” shots, then moving on to the “location” shots.
Also, making your images distinctly “yours”.
And Shelton occasionally uses his 11mm wide angle lens.