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June 29, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 111

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The audio quality may be a little rough this week. It was a real “last minute” thing that we even got to record at all, but I figured any podcast was better than no podcast!

Yay! We’re back!
This week, Shelton suggests that there MIGHT be some US workshops in the near future!
Woohoo! Stay tuned for more on that.
Shelton is attending both Canon and Nikon release parties this week. More info next week on what the new goodies are.
Carl sent us this wedding shot which he captured with his Nikon D300.

Alana’s wedding dress, straight out of the Nikon D300.

Bob Fischer sent us a couple of potential entries for a portrait competition.

Baby baby baby, by Bob Fischer Kirsten, by Bob Fischer

Then, Shelton takes his “Find the light and put ’em in it” mantra, and turn it upside down.
Now, it’s “MAKE the light and put ’em in it!”

June 22, 2008

The state of play…

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The short story.

No podcasts at all this week.

The long story.

I had an Adobe e-Seminar to conduct on Friday, so imagine my absolute horror on Tuesday night to realise that a piece of software I had installed had brought with it some malware which blocked me from logging in to Windows!
Couldn’t even log in as Administrator!
Totally hosed my system.
Oh joy.
Of all the weeks for this to happen.
So, a couple of late nights ensued while I tried to get into Windows, because I knew that I needed to be able to de-activate my copy of Audition before I could reformat the machine.
To reformat without deactivating the software would mean losing my license, and obviously, that was not a viable outcome.
So, Thursday night, I finally made some headway with it, and got my system back on line.
Then, Friday morning, I found I couldn’t log into to the Adobe Connect server (the software/interface that we use to conduct the e-Seminars).
By this stage, I was starting to believe that the Gods did not want me conducting this e-Seminar!
Finally got it all sorted with about 30 minutes to spare!
Nothing like taking it right down to the wire!

So, as a result of all that “fun”, podcasts were relegated to the back burner for the week.
My apologies.
Let’s hope this week coming is a little less stressful!

June 8, 2008

No Shutters Inc this week

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Y’know what?
I haven’t even had to time to e-mail Shelton this week!
Let alone actually sit down and record something!
Sorry gang.

June 1, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 110

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Another ep sees the light of day!
This week, Shelton revisits his now-famous mantra of “find the light and put ’em in it!”
Also, check out Soph’s website.
Shelton has ANOTHER new favourite lens,
and Bruce isn’t taking anywhere near enough photos (but I AM getting fit).