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November 30, 2008

No podcasts this week

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Sorry gang.
Just another one of those weeks where time got away from me, and I didn’t get anything recorded.

November 2, 2008

The state of play

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Howdy folks.
Here we go again.
Another week and no podcasts.
This is getting monotonous.

Building The Pod:
As previously mentioned, until the next version ships, there isn’t a lot more I can say. Still happy to crank out the odd episode here and there if anyone has questions requiring answers regarding using Audition. At the moment, there are no unanswered questions. If I’ve overlooked your e-mail, drop me a reminder!

Shutters Inc:
ARN are offering me a full time gig, so I guess that’s bad news as far as the future of Shutters Inc is concerned. I’m not knocking it on the head just yet, as I haven’t had a chance to speak to Shelton lately, but one thing we know already is that without hours during a weekday, it’s almost impossible for Shelton and I to record. Believe me when I say I DON’T want to see SI fall by the wayside… I love it too much! Please hang in there, dear faithful.

Sine Language:
I know, I know… that pesky milestone is like a speedhump I can’t seem to get over! Know this though; the mix of the song (and the associated screen capture) IS DONE!
Still to be done?

  • The intro graphics… got a guy working on that on my behalf.
  • Intro voice over… that will take 2 mins ONCE I get the intro graphics.
  • Edit down the video footage into something presentable. That will be a big job… will probably take a couple of nights.
  • Upload a version to YouSendIt for the volunteers to ‘seed’ via torrent.

Will all that happen this week?
I’d like to say ‘yes’ (and believe me when I say I WILL be aiming for that), but seeing how the last month has zipped past in the blink of an eye… I’m not willing to make another promise I can’t keep.