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March 29, 2009

No SI or SL this week

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Sorry one and all.
Shutters Inc was going to happen, but Shelton had a commercial shoot dropped on him at the last minute. A man’s gotta eat!

March 22, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 119

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This week, Shelton talks about the first SLR he bought for his son, Nathan… a Nikon FE… for $40!
I asked Shelton what he knew about the Leica M8.
Shelton then talks about the issues for photographers shooting in public places, which led me to ask about model release forms.

March 16, 2009

Video: Cath’s skydive

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Last weekend, Cath finally did her skydive.
And here’s the proof! (It’s about 32MB.)

March 15, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 118

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This week, SI listener Roy Booth submitted this image, which he shot on his Nikon D300. This image is straight out of the camera with no post processing.

Shot by Roy Booth on a Nikon D300.

Shot by Roy Booth on a Nikon D300.

Shelton dicusses the value of doing a photography workshop,
I ask whether you rename your images as part of your workflow, and if so, why?
David Zack asked what lens to use for a rainforest tour (if you don’t want to change lenses in the forest)?,
Shelton bought his mum a Nikon D60,
and we’d like to know if there are any other ‘series’ of podcasts you’d like us to do (along the lines of the ‘wedding’ series we did a while back)?

March 8, 2009

Another curve ball

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Sorry to do this to you all, gang.
Shelton and I were scheduled to record Friday night, but then at the last minute, he had something come up that couldn’t be avoided.
Keep those fingers crossed…..

March 4, 2009

Fitzroy Falls, New South Wales

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Last weekend, we headed down the south coast to attend the 40th birthday of one of Cath’s old school friends.
Along the way, we stopped for a break and a short bushwalk at Fitzroy Falls.
The image below is a small version, and if you click on it, it will load the FULL SIZE IMAGE in a new window. The full size panorama is 12,000 x 2,837 pixels and weighs in at around 18MB.
Fitzroy Falls is/are right over on the left hand size of the image, and just to put it in perspective, that drop is about 80m (250ft).

Fitzroy Falls

March 1, 2009

A week of curve balls

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Isn’t life just fun?
This week, I thought I was actually going to get all 3 podcasts recorded.
Had the whole week planned.
Buiding the pod – Tuesday night.
Shutters Inc – Wednesday night.
Sine Languge – Thursday night.
Lay low Friday night before going away for the weekend to attend a 40th birthday party for one of Cath’s girlfriends.
That was the plan on Monday.
But Monday arvo, I got a text message from a friend. The documentary he’s currently shooting and editing (and for which Dave and I are scoring the soundtrack) has suddenly had an abrupt shortening of its deadline. It’s got to be finished NEXT WEEK! Aaarrrggghhh.
“OK”, I thought. “We’ll ditch Sine Language on Thursday night so Dave and I can do what we need to do. After all, no-one was expecting SL this week anyway.”
Tuesday night rolls around.
I record an episode of BTP to the newly acquired Marantz PMD580 flash recorder. 45 minutes worth. I drag it into Audition ready to edit, and find the whole thing is BADLY distorted because I screwed up the settings!
Oh ye Gods.
And to make it worse, it was something that I should have picked up.
Too eager.
Too full of enthusiasm.
So, now we’re down 2 of the 3.
“Never mind”, I think. “At least we’ll get Shutters Inc done tomorrow night”.
Wednesday night rolls around and I text Shelton.
“We still good for 8pm?”
“Mate, I’ve had an emergency come up. Can we re-schedule?”
To which I had to reply that no, unfortunately this is the only night I’m free (as by this stage, I’d already promised Cath that Friday night we’d spend together).
So, there ya have it, folks.
A week of curve balls.
The only up shot was that Dave and I DID get some nice work done on Thursday night, and doco-maker JB is very happy with the results.
One out of four.
Not quite the odds Meatloaf was happy to settle for.
There’s always next week…