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September 27, 2009

Dust, and other obstacles

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My apologies once again.
This week, the severe dust storms over Sydney gave my lungs and sinuses grief (listen to the episode of Shutters Inc which I somehow managed to struggle through, for evidence), while an ear infection in my right ear is making the concept of sticking headphones on my head one I’d rather not contemplate.
Gonna be an interesting day at work tomorrow to say the least!
All of which is a long way of saying, you guessed it, no BTP or SL this week.

Shutters Inc – episode 138

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This week, we address a couple of the back catalogue of e-mails that we’ve been trying to get to (for weeks, it seems!),
and then on to a discussion of the pros and cons of both APS-C sized sensors and 35mm sensors.
Is this shaping up to be the new “megapixel race”?

September 20, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 137

This week, SI comes to you from the old Victorian river town of Echuca, located on the Murray River (which forms the state boarder between Victoria and New South Wales).

Recorded after one day of a 2 day photogrpahic workshop. The usual suspects talk about all aspects of the workshop, photograhy, working with models, lighting, you name it.

September 13, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 136

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This week, we talk about the upcoming (of course, it’ll all be over by the time you read this!) full weekend photography workshop at Echuca,
Bruce’s plans on going pro (plus a first sale this week!),
Jim Felder wrote to ask about the idea of recording Shelton’s dialogue whilst he’s conducting a workshop,
Carl Tregidgo and Landon Michaelson both wrote in response to ep#134 and our discussion of mentoring, and both commented on the need to take inspiration but turn it into something that is your own,
Shelton’s reluctance to accept the mantle of “Jedi Master”,
A rare advance warning on what’s instore for the next episode of Shutters Inc,
and Shelton’s e-mail alias not working.

September 6, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 135

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This week, Shelton rocks up with a couple of ring-ins. Yes, Richard Annable and Nathan ‘Guru-Junior’ Muller are back to talk about August Exposure, a full week photogrpahy conference that Richard attended a couple of weeks ago,
Bruce is moving toward taking his photography more seriously,
We’d still like to see some more faces signing up for the forum,
Check out Bruce’s latest panorama of Circular Quay on Sydney Harbour,
And just to clarify, Pat Benatar‘s “Love is a battlefield” came out in ’83 (on the album “Live From Earth”), while “All fired up” come out in ’88 (on the album “Wide Awake In Dreamland”).

September 3, 2009

The Donate button is back

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A few people have been calling for the donate button to be re-instated on

So, it’s back!
It’s up there in the top left hand corner.
So, if you’re feelin’ the love and want to say “Thanks for the podcasts”, then a donation of whatever amounts suits you wil be gladly accepted, and hugely appreciated.

Thanks one and all!