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July 25, 2010

Shutters Inc – episode 160

We’re back!
We wind back the clock to just after our last podcast and start wading through the events which have transpired:

Bruce’s car crash,
South Africa and the World Cup (Shelton’s posts: one, two and three),
Shelton’s trip to Nevada and California (where models don’t show up, either, apparently!),
Shelton’s back pain,
the Film Noir shoots that CPW has run in Melbourne recently,
Bruce and Max’s roadtrip (Facebook photos here),
how photography opens up life experiences that you might not otherwise have encountered,
Nathan’s interstate wedding,
a “roadtrip workshop”  in CPW’s future perhaps?,
Sydney meetup #7 scheduled for Sunday August 1st (details on Facebook),
and remember, we now have an e-mail address that will reach BOTH of us! Woohoo!