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March 18, 2012

Shutters Inc – episode 198

Filed under: IceLight,Jerry Ghionis,LED — Bruce Williams @ 12:00

This week, a little tip courtesy of Nathan Chilton on Facebook:
Don’t forget to change the clock in your camera when daylight saving starts/ends!!
Nice one, Nathan. Thanks!
Then, I talk with multiple award-winning Australian wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis (Facebook, Twitter) about his recent collaboration with Westcott Lighting.
Together, they have come up with the Ice Light.
Jerry is also building a community around the Icelight at IceSociety.
If you’re interested in joining, Shutters Inc listeners can get a $100 discount on membership by using the promo code “icesale”.

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2 Responses to “Shutters Inc – episode 198”

  1. ICE Light, das Lichtschwert für den Fotografen (neue Produkte) » Says:

    […] Folge 198 des Shutters Inc Podcast war ein interessantes Interview von Bruce Williams mit Jerry Ghionis zu […]

  2. Nathan Chilton Says:

    Hey Bruce!

    I saw that you featured my tip on adjusting your camera’s clocks at the start/end of Daylight Saving Time. I actually noticed this when you first published episode 198, and I enthusiastically showed the notes to my wife on my phone.

    Anyway, I thought it might be worth mentioning a related issue: fixing the timestamp in post.

    I’ve documented my process here:

    The same process could be used for fixing the timestamp on your photos, when you suddenly discover that you forgot to adjust your camera’s clock at the DST change, and you’ve got thousands of photographs that are an hour off.

    What I use it for most, is synchronizing the timestamps from multiple cameras, in post. Whether it’s a wedding with multiple shooters, or just a simple portrait shoot with multiple cameras, sync’ing the clocks in post is a lot easier than trying to remember to do it at the start of the shoot. Plus, it allows you to fix the problem when you’re actually sitting in front of your computer and faced with the problem.

    Instead of regret and frustration, it’s a two minute fix.

    I know you are a Lightroom user, too. I hope you or one of your listeners finds the process useful.

    –Nathan Chilton