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April 28, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 219

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This week, a post-shoot discussion of the weekend trip out to Trundle,
Glynn ran a Natural Light Workshop through the week which yielded more than he normally bargains for,
the Flect D.I.Y. window-reflection-eliminator,
the forthcoming Sigma 18-35/f1.8 zoom lens,
the X-rite colour challenge,
the Australian Story episode, “Proof of Life”,
Glynn will be MC-ing a Digital Playground session or two at Vivid in Sydney,
how the paparazzi feel when the cameras are pointed at them,
and striking the balance between your photography and your family.

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April 21, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 218

This week, Skype issues led to us having to record wth Glynn on his mobile phone.
Glynn is VERY happy with his Mosaic photobook, and would order more of them if it weren’t for the horrendous cost of international shipping (the boon of the Australian consumer!).
During the week, I saw a funny thread on the Light Stalking page on Facebook regarding what should be the appropriate collective noun for photographers,
Following on from last week’s soft launch, we have continued the idea of having questions posed to us via the Shutters Inc Facebook page while we’re actually recording.
This week, we had 3 questions from Richard Ingram, concerning quoting for commercial jobs, quoting for wedding work, and the conundrum of choosing a business name.
Keen to hear your thoughts on this method of Q+A. Is it worth pursuing, or does the 6 day turnaround kill its usefullness (given that we record on Tuesday night and the podcast goes live on Sunday)?
This week saw the announcing of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners, with the category of “Feature photography” going to a Javier Manzano image of two Syrian soldiers.
Glynn thought some of the categories for the prizes demanded a “Witty Photography Category” competition. Give us your suggestions!
We ponder the quesiton of why DSLR’s can’t give us shutter speeds slower than 30 seconds? How hard could it be to have options for 1min, 2min, 4min, 8min and so forth right out to an hour?
And finally, the growing move toward brides and grooms asking for a social media blackout on their wedding day. Glynn and I are in agreement on this… we think it’s a great idea!

And btw, has anyone else noticed the weirdness currently going on with Facebook’s displaying of comments?
Look at the following image, and check out the time stamps. The time stamps are actually representative of the times each comment was made, but what is with the ORDER???? Looks like Neo broke the Matrix again!


Facebook is bending time!

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April 14, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 217

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This week, I liked a real simple, ‘down-on’the-farm’ approach to keeping the rain off your camera,

I also remembered another of my favourite photography apps, The Photographer’s Ephemeris (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac),

Glynn was impressed and disturbed by the photojournalism series “Syria in Ruins”,

2000 photographic studios shut down in the U.S. this week,

Glynn and Mike Hollman share some tips on getting the best from your memory cards, like:

  • format them IN your camera,
  • only use each card in ONE camera body,
  • keep cards in their plastic boxes when not in a camera,
  • don’t use cheap card readers, and
  • don’t delete images in-camera

Glynn discovered, forgot and then remembered the site Stolen Camera Finder,

and Erin King asked for our thoughts on a rather unfortunate situation her sister and brother-in-law have found themselves in.

** Last minute update **

Swung by my local Bunnings yesterday and they did in fact have a huge collection of the Craftright cases Glynn mentioned last week, so I picked up the 46cm (medium) one. $40 well spent, I say!
You may not be able to see in full detail, but I’ve kitted it out to hold:

  • 3x Yongnuo flashes
  • 3x plastic flash base plates
  • 1x Minolta hotshoe adaptor
  • 1x Flashwave trigger
  • 2x Flashwave receivers
  • 4x ball head lightstand attachments
  • 2x umbrella stand heads
  • 1x pocket for miscellaneous doo-dads (like speedstraps)


Craftright case

My Craftright case with most of my lighting gear. Click for full view.

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April 7, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 216

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This week, Glynn is heading out into the wild with his 18 MILLION candle-power torch to fry a few landscapes,
Bruce is very impressed with the just-announced Tascam DR-60D audio interface for video-capable DSLR’s,
Richard Annable commented on the “post-wedding image count” from a couple of weeks ago,
Glynn saw some great “looks-like-a-Pelican-case-but-isn’t” foam-lined Craftright gear cases at Bunnings,
There were some great April Fools Day jokes like the Canon 7D-L for left-handed users, and the new project from Google… Google Nose,
We talk about the coming wave of “wearable computers/cameras” like Google Glass and what this will mean for privacy in the future,
Glynn’s Mosaic photobook arrived within a week (!!), but unfortunately he wasn’t home when the courier delivered it, so a full report next week,
The amazing portfolio of photos taken from the top of the Great Pyramid outside of Cairo, by Russian photographer, Vitaly Raskalov (link 1) (link 2) (check out both links as they each have different images),
Glynn’s Good Friday CPW workshop,
Facebook app allows your friends to take your images FROM Facebook and use them to create coffee cups, mousemats etc,
And it turns out that James Nachtwey, the anti-war photographer mentioned just last week will be doing a live presentation as part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney on June 9th.

Also, last week’s mp3 file got erroneously posted without any metadata. You probably noticed that! I have since uploaded a new version of the file WITH the metadata embedded, so if you’re the type of person who likes complete metadata, feel free to manually download that episode again and replace your original version.

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April 1, 2013

Taking Pictures of Hydroponics

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