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March 30, 2014

Shutters Inc – episode 256

Filed under: Podcast,Shutters Inc — Bruce Williams @ 8:00

This week, you’ve just missed your chance to pick up one of the Hasselblad’s used to shoot the moon during the Apollo 15 mission,
here’s some handy shortcut reminders for Photoshop,
we talk about how images stay with us long after the details of the story have faded from memory,
the EyePhone bringing sight to the blind…. with sound,
the guy who shot the Windows XP default wallpaper image,
the Slanted Lens,
the progression of your skills, from hard to easy to beautiful,
the mother who wanted to show her teenage daughter how far an image can travel online,
Roaming Focus,
the environmentally-friendly camping stove that’ll also charge your electronic devices,
using graphic design principles to assist in your photographic composition,
and Glynn waxes lyrical about portrait photography.

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