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August 10, 2014

Shutters Inc – episode 270

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This week, Glynn’s nude lighting workshop,
shooting with miss 7,
depressed? try something new,
Bruce (and Adam) are packing their bags for the Kidney Kar Rally,
shooting cats in near darkness with the Sony a7s,
the most expensive photos ever sold,
the people who are painted to look like paintings of themselves,
shooting star trails where there’s lots of light pollution,
congrats again to Mike Hollman for being named New Zealand Travel Photographer of the year AND
New Zealand Commercial Photographer of the year,
how to clean your sensor,
we now have a photo of the surface of a comet,
the Romanian underground salt mine turned into a theme park,
when supermodels violate your copyright,
if a monkey shoots a selfie with your camera, who owns the copyright?
wikimedia commons,
just a couple of ‘blighted’ properties in Detroit,
Lastolite’s new backgrounds,
and for Reg, keeping your passion for photography alive, or at least telling you were to sell your gear!

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