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June 28, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 302

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This week, we’re live from the virtual coffee shop, as promised!
Glynn’s happy with his new space,
plus he’s a little bit impressed with these 3 images from a ‘one-on-one’ day he did with a client,
Crucified by lightBuskerColumns

We’ve got the follow up on Sydney Photographer’s Meetup #28,
this is the image I “cartoonified” from that shoot,

Meetup 28 - cartoonified

David Marland wrote to say:
1) that he liked Glynn’s live critique of my dud dinghy shots from episode #,
2) Glynn’s big umbrella has given him G.A.S., and
3) to remind us of Aurora Service, a website that gives you realtime updates on auroral activity.

Rob Coates and Adam Davidson both told us about DxO’s One, a 20MP sensor that attaches to your iPhone.
We’re introducing a new feature to Shutters Inc. We want YOUR images to critique. Details in the podcast.
For some weird reason, Adobe has decided to hide half the filter plugins in Photoshop CC.
If you find yourself scratching your head (as I was for a while!) looking for a plugin you just KNOW exists, but can’t seem to locate, go preferences/plugins/, and check ‘show all filter gallery groups and names’.
Randy got in touch to tell me about his startup, Snapizzi.
The idea is that you use small business card-sized cards, each with a unique QR code, to identify customers in event photography. This simplifies the ordering process for your customers.
Randy has set up a complimentary account for me, but to be honest, I just don’t do that kind of work. If any of our listeners genuinely do this type of work and you’d like to try out the service and report back to us, give me a holler. Details in the podcast.
Glynn, in his usual larrikin fashion, completely took the mickey out of QR codes, and sent us off to this flowchart about when to use them.
Rob Coates wrote to tell us about Adrian Alford, the pro wedding photographer who shot his own wedding!
Like David Marland, Rob was equally impressed with Glynn’s live critique on the last episode.
It’s old news now, but there was Jason Sheldon’s response to Taylor Swift,
followed up by Taylor’s people responding to that.
There’s the exhibition highlighting the altering of images in photojournalism,
Diana from Artsy got in touch about their page dedicated to the Vivian Maier archive,
Glynn came across a tiny RC helicopter with VGA camera attached,
he also found this story about native ISO vs extended ISO.
He also found a 7min short film shot entirely by moonlight,
VenusLens hasve brought out a 15mm macro/tilt shift lens which we’re both rather excited by,
and Stephen McMennamy has managed to find himself a spot on our ‘people we don’t like list’! Awesome creativity, Stephen!

And one late item:
I found this after we’d recorded the podcast, but really liked the idea.
A filter system that fits between your camera body and lens. All filters are 55mm, and drop in and out like the lenses the optometrist uses to guage the strength of your eyes. Very slick idea.

June 21, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 301

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The original shot The cropped version The second version with different lighting The last one This week, at the risk of sounding mildly informative, Glynn does a real time critique of Bruce’s crappy dinghy photos. Meanwhile, Bruce is looking forward to heading off to Borneo, and contemplating storage options for photos whilst on the move.

Glynn's Miss 4, shot with the Xlite 165cm umbrella

Glynn’s Miss 4, shot with the Xlite 165cm umbrella

Glynn is organising a photo tour to Vietnam for September 2015 (yes, in addition to India in March 2016!), he’s loving his new XLite 165cm deep parabolic umbrella, We’ve got more animals riding on the backs of other animals. Hasselblad is coming out with a mirrorless too, but is it really anything new… or just a rebranded (soon-to-be-superceded) Sony A7R? Trevor Mahlman is a young kid with his heart very much in the stars… and his images are awesome! He just earned a spot on our “people we hate” list. 🙂 Glynn also had a link on his list which we didn’t get around to talking about. The page is all in Russian, but from the pictures, I gather it’s a story about a building which houses a mothballed Russian knockoff of a U.S.-designed space shuttle. If you’re working with models, make sure you have investigated your shoot location thoroughly and are aware of any potential risks to you or your model (or both of you). The phoblographer would like us to believe that some cities are better than others for street photography. Personally, I think you can make images anywhere if you know how to look. I think Glynn just liked this because Melbourne got a mention! And just as Bruce is contemplating storage for travel, Strobist comes up with a story on just that! There’s a new Kickstarter project aimed at setting up a lens-sharing-rental kind of business, called (amazingly)… LensShare. And could this be the worst Kickstarter project ever? But wait! There’s more! Comments will be closed after 30 days. Love the podcast? Want to share the love… and keep the servers running? Feel free to make a small donation through PayPal.

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June 14, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 300

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This week, in honour of our 300th episode, the show notes are in completely random order! We really know how to live on the edge here at SIP!
We’ve got inspiring photography quotes,
volcanic eruption photos,
Bruce is pretty fired up over Sony’s A7R ii,
Canadian camera chain, Blacks, closing its doors,
the PocketSkater2… the dolly that fits in your pocket,
the Sonder keyboard, with e-ink screens in each key!
Adam sent us out to find out how many colours we can see,
Glynn thinks this might be the Tric (if the kickstarter campaign gets moving),
and he’s having a lot of fun with Film Emulator, a free website for real time ‘photoshopping’ of your images to look like film,
plus there’s the website that identifies birds in your photos,
National Geographic’s user-submitted travel photos,
the essential Selfie Stick,
the guy who photographed Napalm Girl returns to Vietnam armed with an iPhone,
the Leica Q,
the (NSFW) family portrait photo session,
Glynn’s photo ‘purple haze’,
the SpaceX video of the rocket falling back to earth,
and heaps more!

June 7, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 299

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This week, Google upgrades Picasa to Google Photos, and now gives you unlimited storage for:
* photos up to 16MP resolution,
* and 1080p video!
They’ve also thrown in some basic editing tools, and multi-device sync.
Jeffrey van Houtte’s creepy hands,
Canon rumoured to be working on an astrophotography dslr,
changes to Colorado law,
the 11 yr timelapse of World Trade Centre re-build,
Adam (and seemingly half the occupants of the world wide web) alerted us to the Sony online store hack which saw Sony’s photographic hardware being discounted by an awesome 90%!
If you managed to exploit this, tell us about it! Did they honour your order?
David Kembrey alerted us to this great piece of satire about what would happen if we asked hitmen to work “for the exposure”,
Glynn is getting psyched about his photo tour to India in 2016 (with Spotlight on Asia‘s Malcolm Fackender),
the Petzval Bokeh lens managed to rake in $100,000 on Kickstarter in just THREE HOURS!
Adobe’s Lightroom (hopefully, coming soon to) Photoshop de-haze filter,
Jimmy Nelson photographing the worlds disappearing people,
the top five tips of street photography,
the Tales by Light trailer,
and a little inspiration from David duChemin.

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