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July 26, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 303

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This week, Glynn critiques Bruce’s images from his recent Borneo holiday.
The modified versions (as per Glynn’s suggestions) are attached as an image gallery at the end of the this blog post.
And while we’re on the topic of travel photography, there were a couple of good tips in this post at lightstalking.
A shoutout to Craig Wetjen on having his Men’s Shed Photography project picked up for a TV segment.

“Over the weekend I had a film crew accompany me as I recreated 7 shoots of local men in their sheds, which I have photographed for my book. The filming will be made into seven segments across 8 episodes, that will air as a series on Manspace TV (channel GO!) in November this year”

The Digital Show returns to Melbourne 16th-18th October, 2015.
Rock up at the door and it’ll cost you to get in, but pre-register here for free entry.

Glynn usually knows exactly how each image is going to look before he presses the shutter.
This image however, was one where he had no idea what he was going to get.
Also, Glynn and Malcolm are about to formally announce their third collaborative photo tour, this time to Myanmar (Burma) in July 2016.
Here are a couple of examples of what you’ll have the opportunity to shoot should you decide to tag along ( 01 | 02 ).

And one small item of housekeeping.
After this episode is published, I will be changing a setting regarding the RSS feed. Now, all things being equal, this SHOULD NOT affect the listeners. But if for some nasty reason, you DON’T see an episode next Sunday, please sing out!

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July 2, 2015

How Western Digital has failed me

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I’m posting this on the Shutters Inc blog in the hopes that I get Western Digital‘s attention.
As mentioned on the podcast, I bought a WD MyPassport wireless 1TB drive a week before I left Australia. As you also know, that drive was DOA. The first time I powered it up, ready to set up the wireless network, I got the alternating LED’s which signalled that the drive was faulty.
I took it back to JB Hi-Fi and swapped it for another unit, believing that this would be a one-off failure.
Well, here I am, a scant 2 days into a 20 day holiday in Borneo, and the replacement unit has just died, taking with it the first 2 days worth of backed up photos. Thankfully, I have not cleared the memory cards!
But of course, now that I’m not in Australia, I can’t just pop back down to JB Hi-Fi to tell them that the second unit has carked it, can I?
Now I’m in a foreign country with no recourse.
All I can do now is commit to buying ANOTHER drive, or perhaps a bunch of 64GB USB keys to back-up my images to.
Seriously unimpressed, as you can well imagine.
I guess my other option is to create jpegs straight from the RAW files, and back those up to the cloud, but that is really only a viable solution if I have both the tools and the time to caress the RAW’s prior to generating the jpeg’s…. I have neither. What I really want is back-ups of the RAW files themselves.
I have used plenty of WD drives in the past, and most of them have lasted years. These two failures have seriously shaken my confidence in the brand. Hopefully, this is an issue isolated to just their wireless products and not indicative of the brand as a whole.