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January 31, 2016

Episode 321 – Leap year? Say wha?

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Finally! We’re back for 2016!
Brett from mission:pic reached out about his 365 challenge. If you’re on the iOS side of the fence, check it out.
Glynn was underwhelmed by the astounding lack of gear releases at CES.
But was naturally a little interested in Canon’s announcement.
He also thought the new Olympus Pen F looked pretty sexy.
Adobe releases a new free photography-wedbsite-community called Myportfolio, as a part of your Creative Cloud subscription.
Richard Ingram saw this post on petapixel and thought we should launch a Shutters Inc weekly photo challenge.
Although he didn’t state it explicitly, I think we can all assume that Glynn thought that was way too much effort.
I received some images from the school in Oostburg, Wisconsin, showing the technology room in all it’s panoramic glory, and the lovely plaque they put up beside the image.

Innovation Room

Vogue Magazine seems to think that we are past the days of hiring professional wedding photographers. Yeah, right.
I came across this post which contained ideas for getting really nice bokeh behind your product photos.
Chinese flash giant, Yongnuo, have come out with a cheaper knock-off of Jerry Ghionis’ Ice-light idea, called the YN360.
Carl sent us this link about automatically adding your smartphone pics to your Lightroom catalogue.
And I clearly cut out too much in the editing phase, as the podcast now runs a minute short! Don’t worry. If you think what I left in was crap, imagine how bad was the stuff I took OUT? ๐Ÿ™‚

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