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June 26, 2016

Episode 338 – The rights of your copy

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This week, David Marland steps back in for the temporally-challenged Glynn Lavender.
We open with a link courtesy of ProCounter about intellectual property rights in Australia.
Apple is about to introduce RAW capture and edit to iOS 10 devices.
Keith Loutit spent 3 years putting together this amazing timelapse of Singapore.
Carl sent us a link to this behind-the-scenes video from Erik Johansson.
And ND filters for the fiscally-challenged.
Not sure who sent this (I think it was Peter Sambell), but there’s the 6 year old (!) who is shooting with a film camera!
And David brought us a couple of stories, including the one of the Queen and her chroma-key-friendly dress,
and the study which has confirmed what we all knew… that taking photos increases your enjoyment of life’s experiences.



June 19, 2016

No podcast this week

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Sorry one and all, but no podcast this week.
Back next week!

June 12, 2016

Episode 337 – Fibonacci cats

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This week, Glynn found InstaMuseum, which allows you to create a virtual 3D gallery space in which to display your images.
Glynn’s gallery is here.
Sigma is having more lens issues, this time with the Canon 1Dxii.
Instagram is now offering Business Profiles.
More McCurry bashing.
Use Photoshop to Perspective Adjust a small portion of your image.
A new Model Release App for iOS.
I came across this Ansel Adams doco,
and this amazing body-painting project.
Carl told us about Sigma’s amazing new zoom lens,
and the story behind Neil Leifer’s amazing photo of the Ali/Liston fight.
David Marland brought us the story of the correlation between Fibonacci spirals and sleeping cats.
And Steve Peters brought us the story of the 9 year old who plays the role of Second Shooter to her dad’s wedding photography.


June 5, 2016

Episode 336 – Your software is judging you

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This week marks 10 years since Sony bought out Konica-Minolta‘s DSLR division,
and we’re revisiting the story Steve Peters submitted last week about data recovery.
The kookaburra photo we discussed:

The jury

Adam sent us this story about the duo who stage and shoot miniature post-apocalyptic scenes.
Glynn loves nothing more than tearing apart my photos. For the rest of you, there’s Picturesque, the software which judges your images while they’re still on the memory card, and tells you which ones you should download to your computer and which ones you should discard!
The app homepage is here.
The dpreview story on it here.
Then there’s Unfade which will look at old faded images and do its best to restore the colour and saturation to where they should be, which could come in very handy if you’re photographing whole pages of images from old photo albums.
And if you ARE doing that, then Photomyne might be handy, too! It will analyse said collages, and split them up into individual images for you!
Western Digital has just bought Sandisk for $17B.
Adobe’s Content Aware Crop brings me hope that my desire to rid the world of crooked horizons might one day come to fruition!
Peach Pit is was having a Spring into Summer Sale at the moment. Get 50% off your order (2 or more products) including David DucChemins yet to be released new version of Within the Frame. Looks like this offer may have already wrapped up.
Wannabe Darwin Award-recipients continue to kill themselves in the name of that all-important selfie. The latest is the Chinese man who was drowned whilst trying to take a seflie with…. wait for it!… a freakin’ WALRUS! As ya do. Once, and once only.
And Steve McCurry has vowed to rein in his photoshop use.