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January 22, 2017

Episode 362 – Happy new year!

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Happy new year!
This week, again… back up your data!
I’ve now fully embraced Linux and darktable.
The Guardian brought us its take on the best photos of 2016,
Celebrities reveal their public and private personas in intimate double-portraits,
Amazon Europe ‘click and bait’ practices,
Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome slide film,
and there’s Glynn and Malcolm’s article!
Adam told us about Harvard putting its photography classes online for free,
and Hasselblad gets acquired by DJI.
There’s hours of fun with excuses for photographers,
Czech company Edelkrone brings us the QuickRelease One,
and beware of Gameface Media.
Tony White warned us of the dangers of flashing the peace sign,
Steve Peters (and Adam) told us about the Lily Drone; dead despite $34 million in pre-orders.
David Jones highlighted this useless kickstarter campaign.
Glynn found a photography video series called ‘Wanderlust‘ on youtube that is published 3 times a week! Somebody is busy!
Canon awarded the 3rd highest number of patents in 2016,
and Adobe is preparing for voice-controlled photoshop.
How about a solar-powered timelapse camera?
Or this?

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One Response to “Episode 362 – Happy new year!”

  1. Christopher Hall Says:

    I would just like to thank David Jones for his comment on the useless kickstarter campaign.

    While the campaign did not work it I would not say that it was a useless campaign.

    Not only did it generate an extra link to my website (helps with the Google ranking) it also brought a lot of new traffic to the website. Along with that traffic came new clients (always welcome). So far I have managed to raise more income from these new clients that I originally requested through the campaign itself. I am also still gaining referrals through sites suchas this.

    So I ask the question, was it a useless campaign?

    I guess I should also say thank you for another link to my website.

    Kind regards