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March 5, 2017

Episode 366 – Glynn leads off

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This week, the Godox Wistro looks like a handy little pocket-sized flash to have in your kit.
One of the spots I’m heading to on my European vacation is Portimao in Portugal. The sea caves look like a photographer’s dream location!
The video about the drug overdose story is here.
Peter Sambell wrote to ask our opinions or knowledge of Affinity Photo, which seems like a competent replacement for Photoshop for those who, like me, are sceptical of Adobe’s pricing policies.
Adam shared this story about photo-sharing sites, and how and why the bots are beating you.
This simple web tool helps you find your ideal lens.
Art Wolfe wants to edit your RAW files for you!
Tony White shared this story about how this image of some strawberries is the new “blue dress”,
and some amazing images from Sony’s 2017 World Photography Awards.
Glynn likes the look of the new Elinchrom ELB1200… a Quadra on steroids.
After Beyonce was ably assisted by 300 synchronised drones UAV’s at the Superb Owl show, a Chinese company has gone one better with a fleet of 1000 drones flying together!

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