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March 26, 2017

Episode 368 – Guest : David Marland

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This week, David Marland steps in, in Glynn’s absence.
You know that iconic iceberg composite image? Well, love it or hate it, it has earned its creator over $900k in royalties!

Sony’s digital ND filter looks interesting. David is not sure about trying to ‘draw’ it on the screen of your camera, though. Might just agree with him on that.
Here’s a promo video for it.
Remember the Skypixel comp we mentioned last episode? William Long (aka Photo Watch Dog) gives it a caning for its over-reaching t’s and c’s.

Adam pointed us at Ted Forbes’ youtube channel, The Art of Photography, and specifically, this video about Why Gear Doesn’t Matter,
and Olympus is killing off its 4/3 lenses.

Steve Peters (and a bunch of other sources) told us about Google’s latest work…. jpeg’s that are 35% smaller with no deterioration in quality.

David Kembrey sent us this little chuckle-fest on how to piss off a photographer.

Rob Coates sent in the story of a Tasmanian geologist who helped classify a new type of cloud, all because of his untouched photos!

And David, like me, has some travel coming up later in the year, and is in the process of looking for a lightweight solution for managing large quantities of RAW files on the road.
One device he’s been looking at is an OTG adaptor from Lava Computer. Here are a couple of videos demonstrating its benefits… video 1 | video 2

It looks pretty good, but I don’t mind carrying something just slightly more bulky in order to save some bucks, so I’ve just ordered one of these thingies from Ebay.
When it arrives, I’ll let you know how it performs.

Also, forgot to mention on the podcast, but Bruce is now on Instagram. User name is audio2u, for those who are interested.

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2 Responses to “Episode 368 – Guest : David Marland”

  1. Dave King Says:


    I have a new all-in-one PC with a large beautiful display (as mentioned in another podcast, ahem). I’m using it for processing photos with Lightroom. I have a feeling that the monitor needs to be calibrated because I’m noticing some inconsistencies when viewing my images on other devices.

    Do you have recommendations on an inexpensive, yet effective way to calibrate PC Monitors? Curiously, this monitor has no adjustment controls on the monitor itself. The only changes that can be made are in the accompanying Windows 10 software.


  2. Frank Says:

    Re: your backup solution check this item see it will fit your situation. I own one myself work very well, small and all for travel

    It is a Kingston 5-in-1 mobile compainion.

    Keep up the GREAT work.