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April 2, 2017

Episode 369 – Metering with flash

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The quote of the week goes to the guy at Circular Quay in the t-shirt which read:
“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait till you hire an amateur.”
Nice one! Certainly applies to photography.

Is Instagram shadow-banning business accounts? This article at petapixel would suggest so.

Dave King wrote in to ask about monitor calibration. Glynn suggest the Spyder 3 system, Dave.

Frank wrote to use about last week’s discussion on travel backup plans. He mentioned the Kingston 5-in-1 mobile companion.
But amazon tells me there’s a newer version here.
Reg Vardy also weighed in on facebook, saying that he bought the Jaycar OTG Hub and card reader dock for $25.
Through the week, I picked up an OTG USB hub and card reader from Ebay, but initial testing has proved to be a bit hit-and-miss. Maybe the massive $15 I spent on it should have warned me. Testing shall continue.

Adam shared these stories:
The photographer who creates realistic locations for miniature photography on a budget,
The School of Visual Arts YouTube Channel is Full of Amazing Photo Lectures,
I Was Paid to be a Camera Tester, And I Think They Actually Listened,
and New free cactus firmware update lets you get TTL and HSS with almost every camera and flash brand.

Glynn finally got around to answering a question or 6 from Steve in Belfast about metering with flash. A lengthy discussion ensued. During that discussion, you’ll hear me make the claim that the relationship between Guide Number and ISO is not linear. But Glynn shot me down on that point. Here is a discussion about that relationship which seems to support my view. I’ll leave it to those who’ve spent more brain cycles on the question to figure out who was right.

Glynn also mentions a forthcoming show on the ABC called Star Gazing Live, with Brian Cox and Julia Zamiro.
If you’ve ever wanted to fly a drone UAV in an exotic location, but can’t afford to go there yourself, then might just be your thing!
And if you’d like some nicely shot images on which to practise your post-processing skills, then WeSaturate might just be your ticket.
Glynn also wanted to mention the Bubble Bokeh of this lens on kickstarter. They’ve had a pretty successful round of capital-raising by the looks of things!
And dpreview has a gallery of sample images from the new Tamron 70-200. As you can imagine, Glynn was mightily impressed!

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