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April 9, 2017

Episode 370 – Going out on a high

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This week, these photoshopped animals will make you feel different!
The encouraging story that the New York Times is doubling the rate of pay for its photographers. Link 1 | Link 2
The Death of Digital Photography as We Know It,

Adam sent us this comparison of the Tamron and Nikon 70-200’s,
this story of Henryk Ross’ holocaust images,
and what exactly is the most important metric on Instagram?

Glynn found this awesome new filter system,
a story he believes only I will enjoy,
the Depolarizing filter you didn’t know you needed,
and the Icarus tripod.

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One Response to “Episode 370 – Going out on a high”

  1. Steve Crane Says:

    Tips From the Top Floor is the longest running photography podcast.