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April 16, 2017

Episode 371 – Gonna get spanked

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This week, Verifly is a company which offers on-demand drone insurance. They may not be the first or only player in the market, but it’s the first company I’ve heard of. Figured someone might find the info useful.

An interesting follow up to last week’s assertion from Glynn about why people shoot film… to be honest, I thought the film stuff looked awful in comparison to digital, but each to their own!

Rob Coates sent us an e-mail about an exhibition at Brisbane Museum. 100 years of studio portrait photography. Running till the 30th July.
Thanks Rob!

Adam sent us a bunch of stories, including:
How I Photographed an Erupting Volcano in Front of the Milky Way,
Bye Bye, Pentax? Ricoh May Kill Off Its Camera Business,
News Corp Australia sacks most of its photographers and subeditors to cut costs,
I Photographed The Invisible Light That Plants Emit,
Estate of andy warhol sues ny photographer over prince image,
Sickening PSA Shows The Ugly Truth of Sexual Harassment in Photography,
the sad story of the photographer who submitted a Q+A and images that were requested by a magazine, and then got no feedback or interaction thereafter,
and the video which explains all 27 photoshop blending modes in detail.

Steve Peters told us about Everypixel Aesthetics, a platform which uses neural networks to judge your photographs.

And Glynn liked this story about front element scratches vs image sharpness.

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