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April 30, 2017

Episode 372 – Let’s all shoot in Program Mode!

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This week, we’re all watching youtube.
Me? I’ve discovered Joe Edelman’s channel and have been devouring heaps of it. Beautifully produced, great images, and helpful tips. Well done, Joe!
Glynn is mightily impressed with his Gnarbox.
Adam brought us a heap of stories, including Lytro’s 755 megapixel Cinema light field camera. Data requirements are a trivial 400GB/sec!!
Urban Outfitters wants you to work for them for a year… with no pay!
David LaChapelle is headlining this year’s Ballarat International Foto Biennale,
Creative photos use optical illusions to promote pet adoption,
this blog post defending black and white photography (Didn’t know it needed defending, personally. – BW),
and the Light L16 52MP 16-Camera Camera.

Tony White told us about the photographer who had his gear stolen, and then ended up getting to watch the bomb squad blow it up!
And Baidu’s facial recognition algorithm finds link between photos, and reunites a missing child with his family.

David Marland has written an article on photo backup ideas for travellers.
Download and check it out here: RAW on the run.


One Response to “Episode 372 – Let’s all shoot in Program Mode!”

  1. Scott Cann Says:

    First time listener from Nova Scotia Canada, got the link from facebook I think Joe Edelman. Love the show, I will try to listen to the earlier ones, but I am having trouble with your accents where in England are you from 😉