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May 28, 2017

Episode 376 – Joe Edelman pt 2

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This week, a couple of quick stories…
Adam and I both found this one about AI bringing colour to b+w images (Adam’s link | my link).

Rakesh sent me this fantastic series of drone-o-ramas [no, you can’t have it, I’ve copyrighted that term, ok? 🙂 ].

Adam also sent in the story of a new algorithm that Google is working on, which promises to remove foreground obstructions from your images.

And then, it’s on to the second half of our chat with photographer and Youtube star, Joe Edelman.
Find Joe around the interwebz at:

his website | youtube channel | instagram | twitter

May 21, 2017

Episode 375 – Joe Edelman pt 1

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This week, Microsoft announces that 3 flavours of Linux are coming (are already available?) to the Windows app store. Story 1 | Story 2
As someone who has embraced Linux and is loving Darktable, I figured this means anyone who is interested in dt can give it a run inside a Virtual Machine without completely ditching Windows. Woohoo!

Steve Peters shared this crazy story about the photographer who decided that trashing the dress wasn’t good enough. Let’s BURN the dress… with the model wearing it!
This is a future candidate for the Darwin Awards, to be sure.
And for a chuckle, the real meaning of common photographic expressions.

Adam found this story of the music festival which wants you to pay $500 to shoot concert photos for them!
If you’re going to take them up on this awesome offer, let me know. I have a bridge you’d love to buy. Shaped liked a coathanger. You’ll love it. Nah, seriously.

And the photographer who lost $20,000 in gear after his airplane carry-on bag was taken.

Plus, we feature the first half of an hour-long chat with Joe Edelman. Amongst other good stuff, Joe talks about why the majority of photo workshops are a waste of time. Say wha? But… but… Glynn and Malcolm conduct workshops! What is this heresy?

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May 14, 2017

Episode 374 – The Susan Menis ep…. Incident

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This week, a couple gets married on Mt Everest after trekking for 3 weeks!

Susan Menis sent us this bewildering list… 6 reasons why bokeh is overrated.

Adam told us about the free skin softening software you’ve probably (allegedly) never heard of… yet almost all of us already have it! 🙂
For those of you who DON’T have it, do yourself a favour. Hit this link and grab the Nik Software Collection for free. And raise a glass to Google for the freebie.
Also, the bold claim that the Fujifilm X Series WILL make you a better photographer. M’kay.

Steve Peters brought us this follow up to the story last week about the image of the young Indian sex worker. Turns out, it’s a much deeper story, and we’re not sure there’s a clear cut answer to any of the questions raised. If you missed it, here’s the link from last week’s episode.

Carl shared this humorous piece about people photoshopping Mr. Bean into various images.
Plus the story of the photographer who finally snaps the perfect shot of a diving kingfisher after 6 years and 720,000 photographs.

Glynn is slightly miffed at Adobe’s price-gouging of Australian customers due to (non-existent) ‘currency fluctuations’. And on this note, I’ve got some interesting news to share in the next episode!
Plus the photographer who accidentally shot the wrong couple’s wedding proposal!
And there’s the 3 year/8TB timelapse! Now, THAT’S commitment to a project!

And here in Australia, today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums listening.

May 7, 2017

Episode 373 – The Hilda/Scott, Ay episode

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This week, Glynn would like to dedicate the episode to Hilda Clayton, a combat photographer killed in the line of duty in 2013.
He also later decided we should jointly dedicate this episode to new listener, Scott. 🙂 Welcome, Scott!

LensCulture and Magnum Photos are currently running a joint photo comp, and LC made a poor choice for the lead image for that competition. But after the interwebz tore them a new one, they changed the image and admitted to their poor judgement.

Then, there’s the photographer who was running his own photo comp, entered his own photos, and promptly won a heap of the categories!

One of Joe Edelman’s videos that I watched through the week that I thought was very interesting, was this one on the future of modelling portfolios.

We’ve got 5 tips for when you feel inadequate as a photographer.

Adam sent us the story of the camera which can capture the movement of light at five trillion photos per second.
Sounds to me like sombody’s compentsating for something. 🙂

And Glynn found a site called Smart Watermarks. The premise is that you upload non-watermarked images to your social media channels THROUGH the Samrt Watermarks pipeline. Then, if anyone downloads your image, your watermark is applied to the image there and then. Very clever.