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May 21, 2017

Episode 375 – Joe Edelman pt 1

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This week, Microsoft announces that 3 flavours of Linux are coming (are already available?) to the Windows app store. Story 1 | Story 2
As someone who has embraced Linux and is loving Darktable, I figured this means anyone who is interested in dt can give it a run inside a Virtual Machine without completely ditching Windows. Woohoo!

Steve Peters shared this crazy story about the photographer who decided that trashing the dress wasn’t good enough. Let’s BURN the dress… with the model wearing it!
This is a future candidate for the Darwin Awards, to be sure.
And for a chuckle, the real meaning of common photographic expressions.

Adam found this story of the music festival which wants you to pay $500 to shoot concert photos for them!
If you’re going to take them up on this awesome offer, let me know. I have a bridge you’d love to buy. Shaped liked a coathanger. You’ll love it. Nah, seriously.

And the photographer who lost $20,000 in gear after his airplane carry-on bag was taken.

Plus, we feature the first half of an hour-long chat with Joe Edelman. Amongst other good stuff, Joe talks about why the majority of photo workshops are a waste of time. Say wha? But… but… Glynn and Malcolm conduct workshops! What is this heresy?

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