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June 11, 2017

Episode 377 – The Kyle Greenleaf Conversion

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** You’ll notice a slight sound quality change at 5:50. Skype dropped out on us, and when it re-established, the audio quality was somewhat improved.**

This week, Kyle has switched to linux/darktable. Good on ya, mate!
I’ve been out shooting Vivid 2017, along with some more cadet portraits.
Plus, I eventually arrived at a different travel image backup plan… a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S (running Win10, so I can run my old LR v5).

Steve Peters wanted to hear about the 7:30 project, which Glynn was involved with.
Plus he shared this story of a band’s not-so-impressive response to being called out on copyright infringement.

Adam brought us this story of increased licensing fees for photographers in public places/historic monuments in India.

David Marland sent me this video shot from the bottom of an animal’s drinking-water bucket.

Glynn heard about a European town which banned photography completely.
Turned out, it was just a publicity stunt, and the ban was later revoked.
And in a moment of complete good sportsmanship, talks about a new Nikon lens. Geez mate, wash your mouth out with soap!
Plus there’s Arsenal (no, not the soccer team)…. another stupidly successful kickstarter project. $980,000 of $50,000 raised, with 15 days to go.

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It is coming!

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Sorry one and all, got completely sidetracked this week. The episode is recorded and mixed, I just haven’t done the show notes yet. As soon as I get home tonight, I’ll get it out the door.

June 4, 2017

No podcast this week

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Sorry one and all, but we were unable to record this week either.
Next week, for sure!