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October 8, 2017

Episode 387 – Flying solo

Filed under: Podcast,Shutters Inc — Bruce Williams @ 12:22

This week, it’s Bruce flying solo with a very short, concise episode.
Lior was right. The math DOES work! Thanks for the tip!

Carl wrote in on the same subject, to mention an app he uses called “Slow shutter“. Looks like it might be iOS only.
But the app I’m using on Android is ND Calculator.

Adam sent us a link to this video of a drone pilot with some SERIOUS skills!
Hey Glynn, looks like the challenge is on, mate! 🙂

Also, Canikon users might be interested in Pulse, a devise for doing all kinds of funky triggering and remote work with your DSLR.

And Steve Peters suggested that Glynn should check out “Can I Fly There?“, a document produced by Australia’s CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) on where you can and cannot fly your drone UAV.
Glynn affirmed that he had already done so. Good stuff!

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