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October 15, 2017

Episode 388 – The way more professional intro

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This week, gender role reversals in advertising,
the world’s fastest camera slider,
a post on how to add metadata for manual lenses in lightroom,
and 42 unique gifts for photographers.

Glynn got himself a new tripod from 3 Legged Thing.
And he’s still scratching his head as to how he managed to land on their Pro Team!
We discuss 3 Legged Thing CEO, Danny Lenihan’s blog post about how to approach companies for AMbassador-type roles.

Glynn is also mightily impressed by iPhone’s new portrait stage lighting.
The first image is how the room lighting looked.
The second shows the iPhone’s fairly decent effort at isolating Barbie from her background.

Barbie, in room lightBarbie, isolated from background

And Glynn bought himself a new camera!
A new top-of-the-line pro D-SLR?
Heck no!
A Yashica Y35!

And he found this app which will allow you to control your tablet-version of Lightroom from your phone (so you can use all the tablet screen real estate for the image you’re editing).

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