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October 29, 2017

Episode 389 – Adobe… what tha?

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This week, David Marland joins me in Glynn’s absence.
Rob Coates sent us this link to some of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year images for 2017,
and this story about an Australian couple whose raunchy wedding photo got ALL foreigners banned from shooting at a monestary in Greece.

Adam sent in this story about a reckless drone pilot crashing his drone into a small passenger aircraft in Canada.
Then there was this guy who decided that his Sony A7 didn’t REALLY need an optical viewfinder.
And the story I’ve been seeing the most this week…. DxO buys Nik from Google, and will continue development!

David Marland is scratching his head over Adobe’s bizarre marketing moves, particularly as they relate to naming the new versions of LR and PS.
But if you’re still struggling, the Lightroom Queen has a bit more to say.

This one is quite time-sensitive. Book publisher, Rocky Nook is donating all profits of book sales to victims of the recent (October 2017) Northern California bushfires.
Offer ends Oct 29.
To participate you only need to do two things:
Apply coupon code NORCAL during the checkout process.
More info here.

Sony has just announced the a7r iii.

Adobe is working on ‘Deep Fill’ (to possibly supplant Content aware fill somewhere down the track).

Lee Filters has announced reverse ND filters for sunrises and sunsets.
In the podcast, I mentioned Hoya as a brand I thought might have been in the market earlier, but a quick search on Google would suggest a number of other players. Formatt HiTech, Singh Ray, NISI, etc

And the US Government is urging international airlines to ban cameras in checked luggage. Let’s hope the airlines ignore them.

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