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December 17, 2017

Episode 392 – Another one bites the dust

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This week, another year is done!
On the darktable front, Hell froze over!

“darktable-for-windows: we finally ported darktable to Windows and intend to support it in the future. At the moment it’s still lacking a few features (for example there is not printing support), has a few limitations (tethering requires special drivers to be installed) and comes with its own set of bugs.
But overall we are confident that it’s quite usable already and hope you will enjoy it. A very special thanks goes to Peter Budai who finally convinced us to agree to the port and who did most of the work.”

Carl sent us the story of Beth Moon who spent a staggering 14 years capturing stunning images of the world’s oldest trees,
and a link to this unofficial Lightroom to Instagram Export plugin.

Rob Coates told us about the guy in Tasmania who is selling his amazing collection of over 1300 (!) cameras, dating as far back as 1870!.

Adam pointed us toward the Isolite modifier system, which lets you relight your photo in post,
the “artist” who stole the photos he used in a public art installation, even though he was paid $15,000 to commission it!
And the news that Lytro has shut down its Light Field photo sharing website.

Glynn told us about the website dedicated to helping you find your pilfered images around the web… and how THAT website was, itself, copied and infringed.
Also, Prynt is offering a subscription to their printer/paper service, where you can have an unlimited number of prints every month! Europe/US only, so far.
Adobe is showing off its next iteration of smart subject selection. Coming to a version of Photoshop soon.
Have a great Festive Season one and all, and we’ll catch ya late January!

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December 10, 2017

No podcast this week

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Sorry one and all.
Just… can’t even… 🙂

December 3, 2017

No podcast this week

Filed under: Blog — Bruce Williams @ 11:00

Sorry one and all.

We were seriously about five minutes from hitting record, when Glynn received a distressing phone call which changed everything.