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February 4, 2018

Episode 394 – Indiegogo, or Indie-no-no

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This week, Teigan and I are planning another shoot, based on this shoot.
Glynn is not impressed, but eager to rip me to shreds after we’ve done it, anyway.
Tony White told us about Zion National Park banning tripods in photo workshops,
Adam sent us these weird, wonderful photos from the archives,
the story of Reuters being banned from the Olympic opening ceremony for leaked photos,
and the sad tale of the fragile Lake Wanaka tree, and how it could be destroyed because of tourists’ instagram photos.
Glynn likes the Chairpod, but something tells me it’s only because it allows him to sit down.
There’s some new Canon patents, which could be a wonderful thing if they are ever actually implemented.
He’s also been scouring Indiegogo. Some gold, some… not so much.
There’s the Magilight,
the multi-aperture pinhole lens,
the one lens cap to rule them all,
something to alleviate your need for a drone/UAV,
and this sorry excuse for a campaign.
Also, Photokina has announced that it will now be an annual show, rather than biennial. Glynn’s take is that this is out of desperation rather than “We’ve got sooooo much to show you”.

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