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February 18, 2018

Episode 395 – Angel shoot analysis

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This week, Glynn takes a magnifiying glass to my shoot with Angel.

Angel 1Angel 2
Angel 3Angel 4

Plus we chat about my planned shoot for this Saturday.

Rob Coates has gone atomic, with this story that takes macro photography to a new level!
Glynn has gone to the other extreme with this image of the Earth, taken from 5.7 billion miles away.


Adam sent us the story of Zack Arias’ warning about the dangers and pitfalls of submitting images to Unsplash sans-model release.

“Let me make this as clear as possible. If a photograph is used in a commercial sense and it is not model released, you as the photographer are liable. you can be taken to court and sued. It’s that simple.” – Zack Arias

Glynn also like the gear porn from the Winter Olympics.
Plus, the finalists from the World Press Photo Awards have been announced.

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