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March 25, 2018

Episode 397 – Flaky models

Filed under: Podcast,Shutters Inc — Bruce Williams @ 12:00

This week, my second mermaid model bailed on the day of the shoot.
There’s the 2018 Underwater photo of the year,
Rob Coates is disappointed he didn’t get to bid on this camera.
Adam sent us a few stories, like the guy who wants to sue the photographer whose images HE had been stealing,
the new Canon 470ex-ai speedlite can automatically turn its head for a perfect bounce flash,
why you need to be aware of 500px’s (Very) ‘Flexible Pricing’,
this one about the photographer who captures stunning landscapes lit by drones above the mountains,
the Russian ‘Vivian Maier’ discovered after 30,000 photos found in attic,
and the photo contest judges who didn’t judge anything.
And Glynn just found “Retouchist” from NVidia, and is quite excited by the idea.

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