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April 19, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 293

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This week, the War of the Reg’s,
strange advertising claims,
Snapseed 2 (Get it on iOS or Android),
Fuji’s new 16mm f1.4 lens,
Manfrotto Digital Director,
and Canon drops prices on 31 lenses in USA. Second major price drop in a year.
LinkedIn buys,
Asian real estate holdouts who refused to move,
Nikon’s P900 with its crazy 24-2000 mm zoom,
Magic Lantern, the guys who do firmware hacks for Canon DSLR’s, upset some of their users with their April Fool’s prank,
the self-powered camera that can shoot FOREVER,
DSLR performance in a cell phone,
the world’s first bitcoin-only photographer,
fake Nikons,
some decent selfies from Alex Deforest,
the plastic cup macro,
and the plastic bag Lensbaby.
So, you’re sitting on the ground, BESIDE your car, shooting photographs of a wild lion. Said feline catches your scent, decides you look like lunch, and comes flying at your at full speed with teeth bared for the kill.
Do you:
a) Get back in your vehicle poste haste, or
b) Grab a couple of awesome photos first?
If you’re a serious photographer, and not just a fauxtographer, then of course you choose option B.
Adam pointed us toward Adaptalux, a funky new macro lighting solution,
and a retelling of my story of shooting Mount Yassur (an active volcano in Vanuatu) from 2006.

Rosaly and friends

Rosaly and friends, warming themselves around a lava bomb having just been drenched by a shower of rain.

Rosaly at Mount Yassur

Rosaly at Mount Yassur, doing what I’d been told not to do… turn your back on the volcano. But she’s a professional. πŸ™‚

April 12, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 292

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This week, Reg Vardy alerted us to Lexar’s new 512GB CF card.
13,800 x 16MB RAW files, or 347,000 standard jpegs!
Still, not for me, thanks. “Eggs in one basket”, and all that. I’ve lost images from card failure before.
Adam sent us off to war with this portfolio of interesting/amazing military photos,
You know I like to shoot multi-image landscape panoramas, right?
Well, this guy is shooting them on FILM using a whole roll for each horizontal row of “frames”!!
No room for error on this project!
With my talk of shooting the Milky Way last ep, Carl pointed me toward Photopills, which looks very similar to The Photographer’s Ephemeris.
The difference between the two is that TPE doesn’t cover celestial bodies other than the sun and moon, but IS at least on Android as well as that other operating system. πŸ™‚
Photopills on the other hand is not Android capable.
Rob Coates admitted to also having a camera floating around that still has half a roll of unexposed film in it (first half exposed 13 years ago!), so he’s now inspired to go finish it off and get the roll developed. We want to see those images, Rob!
After his near-death-experience, Glynn is back with news of his recently-completed Brisbane workshops,
the twin head BUGGY macro flash,
could the laws about photographing police be on the verge of change?
Sony sells half of Olympus,
tin-type potraits from Sundance (Glynn’s link | my link),
got money to burn and not afraid to hang it off a drone?
PhaseOne has the 80 megapixel digital back for you!
There’s the TLR (twin lens reflex) instant camera with dedicated BOKEH mode,
Photojojo has a single use app, and it’s not a belated April Fool’s joke,
and finally, Glynn’s iPhone pano of the Palais Theatre in St Kilda.

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April 5, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 291

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This week, Glynn is still too crook to podcast.
A couple of portfolios of images I came across this week which I thought you’d enjoy:
Photos that could best be described as minimalist,
and some photos of ocean waves that look static.
Hopefully you were able to get out and shoot the lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, here on the Central Coast of NSW, we had solid clouds and torrential rain, so I went out with David Kembrey and a friend of his and we did some flash/gel light painting type stuff in a tunnel (pics on my FB page here),
and although we couldn’t shoot the eclipse, it’s got me thinking about shooting the Milky Way. And to that end, I’m organising a weekend for mid-May where we’re going to head out to do just that.
April Fools Day brought us a raft of new prank blog posts. I particularly liked this one.
Carl told us about things photographers say,
plus gave us a link to the Behind The Scenes for the Danny MacAskill video (see last week’s show notes),
he also likes Astropad for turning his iPad into a tablet, Wacom-style,
and he shared this image from Victorian Storm Chasers,
Adam advised us of the pitfalls of trying to take photos in North Korea,
the Arkansas street photography legislation,
Ken Dickson showed us this awesome portfolio of images taken by actor Jeff Bridges,
and I get all technical (with Glynn out of the picture, I can get away with it!) and talk bit depth and how that relates to exposure. See also the wiki page on “exposing to the right”.

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