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August 30, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 308

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This week, a few video-related stories, including the one about the ‘model’ (she’s actually a freediver) who held her breath (whilst tied up underwater!) for 4 minutes, for a single-camera-move music video,
Jimmy Nelson (the brains and shooter behind the “Before They Pass Away” series) put together this video of the tribes on Tanna, an island in Vanuatu. Tanna is home to Mount Yassur, the volcano I visited in 2006.
There’s the ‘QuickRelease One’ from Edelkrone, which positions itself as the quick release system to rule them all,
and when you just want to kill some hours looking at more awesome photos (’cause flickr, 500px and google plus clearly aren’t enough!), there’s this site.
By the way, while we’re talking about 500px and flickr, anyone else noticed how eerily similar they look?

500px flickr

Carl found this video on youtube about shooting tethered to an ipad with LRCC,
Glynn likes the look of Pallette, a loupe-like colour-reading-gadget. I’m sure there’s a more technical name for it, but you know how it is… Glynn is the tech-head on this podcast! :)
He also found this video about a group of students who went out to shoot the Perseid meteor shower.
Have you dropped some serious coin on photo gear and later regretted the decision?
Seems you’re not the only one. And the comments are worth a read, too.
In the vein of last week’s portfolio that merged vintage images with surreal surroundings, Glynn came across this lot, which uses 1900’s Detroit in modern ruins. We have just one question. WHY?
Adobe wants us to stop using “photoshopped”, “photoshopping”, et al as verbs and adjectives.
Glynn also found this stunning collection of macro-dioramas. From the “too much time on his hands” book, this Japanese man created one of these every day for 5 years!!
Anf Glynn discusses his plans for the remainder of the year. I’m seriously starting to think he wants to get out of doing this podcast! :)

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August 23, 2015

Shutters inc – episode 307

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This week, Sydney-siders have an opportunity to learn shooting HD video on their DSLR’s at a two day workshop next weekend at the Australain Film Television and Radio School.
Carl shared this feel good story about the winner of a Net Geo traveller photo contest…. or something like that. Don’t ask ME for the story! I have no idea.
Rebecca Dunstall shared this on Facebook, and I thought it was worth sharing here. A photographer took a bunch of old b+w photos and gave them a new lease on life.
Adam alerted us to an MIT project that’s aiming to produce a camera which will never overexpose an image, plus here’s a second link,
and to the story of the guy who developed the first digital camera whilst working at Kodak. And in true stoicism (brownie points if you know where I picked THAT word up from this week), his bosses didn’t want a bar of it.

“Print had been with us for over 100 years, no one was complaining about prints, they were very inexpensive, and so why would anyone want to look at their picture on a television set?”

Glynn has spent the week playing with new gear.
His new Tamron lenses (one of which has just been awarded lens of the year) produced these two images [ 01 | 02 }
His international events are selling out fast, and he’ll be launching another one soon!
Pesky drones over your airspace? Deal with them!
But this one looks bigger! But only shoots images, not drones.
10 portraits at different focal lengths,
the self portrait with a meteorite.
Need a bluetooth iPhone shutter release?
Perhaps you’d like one shaped like a roll of film, or perhaps a twin lens reflex?
The Samsung 16TB SSD,
and in the “why didn’t someone do this sooner” category, dpreview has the story about PixBuf – social photo sharing made easier.

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August 16, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 306

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This week, congratulations to Mike Hollman for picking up ANOTHER 10 nods at this years NZIPP Awards,
the crazy stuff you can see with an 83x optical zoom,
Sony kicking some on the dpreview top 10,
dpreview top 10
Glynn talks about my last shoot,
David Marland reminds Victoria listeners about the Ballarat International Foto Biennale which runs from August 22 – September 20, 2015.
Carl sen us to Karen Hutton’s blog for her story about how she shed 7lb just by changing camera systems,
plus the video of the guy who’s using the Pallette system for tactile control of Lightroom and Photoshop.
Glynn told us about the Photoshop World 2015 keynote introduction, with its Wayne’s World parody,
and then we got David DuChemin on Skype for a chat about your photographic ‘vision’.

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August 9, 2015

Shutters inc – episode 305

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This week, a great DIY project which will give you a Gorillapod-style monopod that you can wrap around a fence, a tree or whatever,
Google and MIT developing an algorithm which will remove reflections from photos,
Fuji’s new X-T1-IR, a mirrorless infra-red body,
through the week, David Foggin asked (on Facebook) about Lightroom workflow.
This was my rather lengthy response:

Well, obviously everyone has their own preferences, but my workflow looks like this:
* import images into LR using YYYY-MM-DD as the folder structure.
* I personally don’t rename images, as once the metadata is added, everything is searchable.
* Next step is metadata. I’ll add heirarchial keywords for location (Australia > New South Wales > Central Coast > Gosford, etc). This means that even though when you look at one image, you’ll only see “Gosford” as a keyword, that image will be included in the search results if I was to search for “New South Wales”.
* Add metadata for any people I care about, or may later want to search for.
* Depending on what the shoot is, I generally then take a quick run through the images in grid view, but with the thumbnails enlarged so that I can see about 4 rows of 5 images (roughly). This means they’re large enough for me to get a reasonable idea straight away about whether or not it’s an image I want to spend some time on.
* Those I think I want to look at further (for processing), I’ll press the 3 key to rate them 3 stars.
* Next, I’ll hit the “metadata” button and sort by ISO.
* I have already created Noise Reduction profiles for my a850 for 800, 1600, 3200 and 6400iso.
* If present, I’ll select all images shot at 800iso and process with my 800iso NR preset.
* Same for any images at the higher iso settings.
* Once I’ve done that, I’ll hit the “attribute” button and select ‘3 stars or greater’ (still in grid view). Now, I’m only seeing those images that I’ve rated.
* I generally never shoot in AWB. I always assign correct WB at the time of capture, so I rarely have to alter the WB in post. Sometimes though, the camera gets it wrong. So WB is my first ‘development’ stage.
* Once any/all WB issues are sorted, I’ll look at images on an individual basis.
* First stop is to review the histogram. Did I nail the exposure? I generally “shoot to the right”, so I may have to bring exposure DOWN a smidge.
* While doing this, I’m watching the histogram. What I really want to see is my highs extending to the right side of the histogram without clipping, and my shadows extending to the left without clipping either.
* If I bring the exposure down so no highlights are off the right hand edge of the histogram, but the shadows AREN’T reaching the left edge, then it’s time to INCREASE contrast.
* Now it’s a balancing act between exposure, contrast, and the ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’ sliders. Getting the histogram to extend the full width without clipping.
* Next, I’ll add a bit of ‘clarity’ (usually somewhere around 50%). This may push whites or blacks over the edge, so a quick revisit to the “whites” and “blacks” sliders may be in order.
* Sometimes, you just know when you shoot that you’re going to need to tweak certain areas of an image because the contrast is beyond the camera’s ability. In these images, I’ll generally hit “K” (adjustment brush) and paint in negative exposure on the highlights. Here, be adventurous with the ‘density’ control. I’ll set the ‘exposure’ of the brush to be quite severe, the flow at 100%, but back the density off until I get just the right amount of control. The beauty of this approach is that you can always tweak that density control up or down and repaint to adjust the exposure on one small area of the image.
* Or “M” for the graduated filter. Good for taming bright skies or underexposed foregrounds.
* Next, sharpening if required. For the web, I don’t usually bother with this, but for printing a photobook, definitely.
* If I decided on a B+W treatment, I’ll use the desaturation slider, and will generally also use a bit of shadow tone and highlight tone (can’t think of the correct name for those controls off the top of my head!) to introduce a duotone effect.
* And that’s about it. Choose an export preset (I’ve built about 10 different export profiles for different uses like Facebook, my photo blog, Google photos backup, phone, etc).
* And that’s about it, but you probably stopped reading about 500 words back.

David also came across this Lightroom plugin which can automate the application of noise reduction settings based on ISO metadata. I haven’t taken the plunge yet, but it does look pretty cool.

Brian Houghton wrote to let us know that he wanted to see the before and after images from Borneo, but the recalcitrant image plugin on made it all too tedious. I haven’t given up on fixing it yet, Brian!

Mark Hudson wrote to tell us about the Nexto DI media storage device, which could be a better option than that other piece of crap I carted around Borneo for 3 weeks.

Adam sent us off to watch this voiceover-less video about the production of Nikon film SLR’s in the 90’s.

Carl sent us a great read on the argument for/against the DNG format,
and a link to the B+H Photo Sony a7rii Live event taking place Auygust 12, 2015.

Glynn brought us new David DuChemin eBook and video training,
Canon France Video of the Indian Holi Festival,
we didn’t make the list of 7 Photography Podcasts that are worth a listen. (Pfft. What would they know?)
Olympus has an interesting new patent in the works,
Sony RX10’s little brother, the RX100iv,
DPReview reaffirming that they can’t shoot to save themselves, but the RX10 images look pretty damned good at 6400 iso,
a cheap DIY Light tube,
the video camera that edits for you AND adds music!
amazing moon eclipsing Earth GIF,
take a fakation thanks to KFC Romania,
the instagram account that became a viral sensation, but was it a bit tacky?
The ISS guy again,
John Swainston’s pic,
and finally, KFC again. This time, it’s the KFC bucket that also happens to be a photo printer. No, it’s not an April Fools joke!

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August 2, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 304

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This week, Bruce’s Western Digital woes,
bridge cameras as travel cameras (I like the look of Sony’s RX10 mk11),
8 pros give their advice for survival,
a speedlight case with a difference,
20 signs you’re doing ok,
and the guy who doesn’t want a handout.
Adam told us about the dodgy website that wants to steal your images,
Carl gave us a suggestion for a tripod head,
plus pointed us toward a video on using your ipad as a monitor extension for your desktop.
A couple of Glynn’s images from the week just gone… 01 02
Glynn is interested in Sigma’s new 24-35mm zoom,
the Apple watch and its uses for photography,
Adobe releases the final RAW update for CS6,
Intel and Micron have developed a new form of data storage which promises great things,
Toyota to release off road truck with gopro mount included,
Movietone and Associated press have uploaded half a million minutes of historic video content to youtube,
scuba diver find gold,
and heaps more!

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July 26, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 303

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This week, Glynn critiques Bruce’s images from his recent Borneo holiday.
The modified versions (as per Glynn’s suggestions) are attached as an image gallery at the end of the this blog post.
And while we’re on the topic of travel photography, there were a couple of good tips in this post at lightstalking.
A shoutout to Craig Wetjen on having his Men’s Shed Photography project picked up for a TV segment.

“Over the weekend I had a film crew accompany me as I recreated 7 shoots of local men in their sheds, which I have photographed for my book. The filming will be made into seven segments across 8 episodes, that will air as a series on Manspace TV (channel GO!) in November this year”

The Digital Show returns to Melbourne 16th-18th October, 2015.
Rock up at the door and it’ll cost you to get in, but pre-register here for free entry.

Glynn usually knows exactly how each image is going to look before he presses the shutter.
This image however, was one where he had no idea what he was going to get.
Also, Glynn and Malcolm are about to formally announce their third collaborative photo tour, this time to Myanmar (Burma) in July 2016.
Here are a couple of examples of what you’ll have the opportunity to shoot should you decide to tag along ( 01 | 02 ).

And one small item of housekeeping.
After this episode is published, I will be changing a setting regarding the RSS feed. Now, all things being equal, this SHOULD NOT affect the listeners. But if for some nasty reason, you DON’T see an episode next Sunday, please sing out!

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July 2, 2015

How Western Digital has failed me

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I’m posting this on the Shutters Inc blog in the hopes that I get Western Digital‘s attention.
As mentioned on the podcast, I bought a WD MyPassport wireless 1TB drive a week before I left Australia. As you also know, that drive was DOA. The first time I powered it up, ready to set up the wireless network, I got the alternating LED’s which signalled that the drive was faulty.
I took it back to JB Hi-Fi and swapped it for another unit, believing that this would be a one-off failure.
Well, here I am, a scant 2 days into a 20 day holiday in Borneo, and the replacement unit has just died, taking with it the first 2 days worth of backed up photos. Thankfully, I have not cleared the memory cards!
But of course, now that I’m not in Australia, I can’t just pop back down to JB Hi-Fi to tell them that the second unit has carked it, can I?
Now I’m in a foreign country with no recourse.
All I can do now is commit to buying ANOTHER drive, or perhaps a bunch of 64GB USB keys to back-up my images to.
Seriously unimpressed, as you can well imagine.
I guess my other option is to create jpegs straight from the RAW files, and back those up to the cloud, but that is really only a viable solution if I have both the tools and the time to caress the RAW’s prior to generating the jpeg’s…. I have neither. What I really want is back-ups of the RAW files themselves.
I have used plenty of WD drives in the past, and most of them have lasted years. These two failures have seriously shaken my confidence in the brand. Hopefully, this is an issue isolated to just their wireless products and not indicative of the brand as a whole.

June 28, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 302

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This week, we’re live from the virtual coffee shop, as promised!
Glynn’s happy with his new space,
plus he’s a little bit impressed with these 3 images from a ‘one-on-one’ day he did with a client,
Crucified by lightBuskerColumns

We’ve got the follow up on Sydney Photographer’s Meetup #28,
this is the image I “cartoonified” from that shoot,

Meetup 28 - cartoonified

David Marland wrote to say:
1) that he liked Glynn’s live critique of my dud dinghy shots from episode #,
2) Glynn’s big umbrella has given him G.A.S., and
3) to remind us of Aurora Service, a website that gives you realtime updates on auroral activity.

Rob Coates and Adam Davidson both told us about DxO’s One, a 20MP sensor that attaches to your iPhone.
We’re introducing a new feature to Shutters Inc. We want YOUR images to critique. Details in the podcast.
For some weird reason, Adobe has decided to hide half the filter plugins in Photoshop CC.
If you find yourself scratching your head (as I was for a while!) looking for a plugin you just KNOW exists, but can’t seem to locate, go preferences/plugins/, and check ‘show all filter gallery groups and names’.
Randy got in touch to tell me about his startup, Snapizzi.
The idea is that you use small business card-sized cards, each with a unique QR code, to identify customers in event photography. This simplifies the ordering process for your customers.
Randy has set up a complimentary account for me, but to be honest, I just don’t do that kind of work. If any of our listeners genuinely do this type of work and you’d like to try out the service and report back to us, give me a holler. Details in the podcast.
Glynn, in his usual larrikin fashion, completely took the mickey out of QR codes, and sent us off to this flowchart about when to use them.
Rob Coates wrote to tell us about Adrian Alford, the pro wedding photographer who shot his own wedding!
Like David Marland, Rob was equally impressed with Glynn’s live critique on the last episode.
It’s old news now, but there was Jason Sheldon’s response to Taylor Swift,
followed up by Taylor’s people responding to that.
There’s the exhibition highlighting the altering of images in photojournalism,
Diana from Artsy got in touch about their page dedicated to the Vivian Maier archive,
Glynn came across a tiny RC helicopter with VGA camera attached,
he also found this story about native ISO vs extended ISO.
He also found a 7min short film shot entirely by moonlight,
VenusLens hasve brought out a 15mm macro/tilt shift lens which we’re both rather excited by,
and Stephen McMennamy has managed to find himself a spot on our ‘people we don’t like list’! Awesome creativity, Stephen!

And one late item:
I found this after we’d recorded the podcast, but really liked the idea.
A filter system that fits between your camera body and lens. All filters are 55mm, and drop in and out like the lenses the optometrist uses to guage the strength of your eyes. Very slick idea.

June 21, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 301

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The original shot The cropped version The second version with different lighting The last one This week, at the risk of sounding mildly informative, Glynn does a real time critique of Bruce’s crappy dinghy photos. Meanwhile, Bruce is looking forward to heading off to Borneo, and contemplating storage options for photos whilst on the move.

Glynn's Miss 4, shot with the Xlite 165cm umbrella

Glynn’s Miss 4, shot with the Xlite 165cm umbrella

Glynn is organising a photo tour to Vietnam for September 2015 (yes, in addition to India in March 2016!), he’s loving his new XLite 165cm deep parabolic umbrella, We’ve got more animals riding on the backs of other animals. Hasselblad is coming out with a mirrorless too, but is it really anything new… or just a rebranded (soon-to-be-superceded) Sony A7R? Trevor Mahlman is a young kid with his heart very much in the stars… and his images are awesome! He just earned a spot on our “people we hate” list. :) Glynn also had a link on his list which we didn’t get around to talking about. The page is all in Russian, but from the pictures, I gather it’s a story about a building which houses a mothballed Russian knockoff of a U.S.-designed space shuttle. If you’re working with models, make sure you have investigated your shoot location thoroughly and are aware of any potential risks to you or your model (or both of you). The phoblographer would like us to believe that some cities are better than others for street photography. Personally, I think you can make images anywhere if you know how to look. I think Glynn just liked this because Melbourne got a mention! And just as Bruce is contemplating storage for travel, Strobist comes up with a story on just that! There’s a new Kickstarter project aimed at setting up a lens-sharing-rental kind of business, called (amazingly)… LensShare. And could this be the worst Kickstarter project ever? But wait! There’s more! Comments will be closed after 30 days. Love the podcast? Want to share the love… and keep the servers running? Feel free to make a small donation through PayPal.

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June 14, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 300

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This week, in honour of our 300th episode, the show notes are in completely random order! We really know how to live on the edge here at SIP!
We’ve got inspiring photography quotes,
volcanic eruption photos,
Bruce is pretty fired up over Sony’s A7R ii,
Canadian camera chain, Blacks, closing its doors,
the PocketSkater2… the dolly that fits in your pocket,
the Sonder keyboard, with e-ink screens in each key!
Adam sent us out to find out how many colours we can see,
Glynn thinks this might be the Tric (if the kickstarter campaign gets moving),
and he’s having a lot of fun with Film Emulator, a free website for real time ‘photoshopping’ of your images to look like film,
plus there’s the website that identifies birds in your photos,
National Geographic’s user-submitted travel photos,
the essential Selfie Stick,
the guy who photographed Napalm Girl returns to Vietnam armed with an iPhone,
the Leica Q,
the (NSFW) family portrait photo session,
Glynn’s photo ‘purple haze’,
the SpaceX video of the rocket falling back to earth,
and heaps more!

June 7, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 299

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This week, Google upgrades Picasa to Google Photos, and now gives you unlimited storage for:
* photos up to 16MP resolution,
* and 1080p video!
They’ve also thrown in some basic editing tools, and multi-device sync.
Jeffrey van Houtte’s creepy hands,
Canon rumoured to be working on an astrophotography dslr,
changes to Colorado law,
the 11 yr timelapse of World Trade Centre re-build,
Adam (and seemingly half the occupants of the world wide web) alerted us to the Sony online store hack which saw Sony’s photographic hardware being discounted by an awesome 90%!
If you managed to exploit this, tell us about it! Did they honour your order?
David Kembrey alerted us to this great piece of satire about what would happen if we asked hitmen to work “for the exposure”,
Glynn is getting psyched about his photo tour to India in 2016 (with Spotlight on Asia‘s Malcolm Fackender),
the Petzval Bokeh lens managed to rake in $100,000 on Kickstarter in just THREE HOURS!
Adobe’s Lightroom (hopefully, coming soon to) Photoshop de-haze filter,
Jimmy Nelson photographing the worlds disappearing people,
the top five tips of street photography,
the Tales by Light trailer,
and a little inspiration from David duChemin.

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May 31, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 298

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This week, Glynn is moving on (from his old premises!)
And this week, he actually shot a landscape!
Plus, he’s teasing us with an upcoming photo tour,
Nikon appears not to be satisfied with taking retailers customers. Now they want to steal wedding photographer business as well,
The “Communication Camera”. I think the rest of us would call it a “phone”.
Product naming goes crazy (again). The “Custom Viewfinder Experience” is what most of us would call an eyecup.
And hey! We can even see an unboxing video! Woohoo!
Pinterest copyright infringement,
Aurora Selfies,
How JPEGS work (just for you Bruce… and anyone else who cares),
the first ever photo of a person,
and it only took a year for the selfies to start!
What kind of cameras were on early space probes?
David Marland told us about the Hahnel Captur remote trigger system,
Reg Vardy alerted us to this cool MIDI controller system which you can use as a tactile interface for working inside Lightroom and Photoshop (What it is – video | Product website | How it works},
the photographic story which broke the internet last week was of course the whole Richard Prince debacle. David Kembrey and others brough thtis to our attention.
I came across the dangers of selfie sitcks, a nice piece of satire,
the really annoying trend with websites burying content 5 pages deep,
and Anna Rowley & Peter Hurley brought us a great TEDxCambridge talk about “Bridging the self-acceptance gap with psyphotology”.

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May 24, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 297

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This week, a multi-image pano Bruce shot in 2009 has attracted the attention of a small public school in Wisconsin who believe it or not, actually ASKED PERMISSION to reproduce it!
Tabourie Sunrise

I was so blown away by the fact that they asked, that despite an offer of compensation, I let them use it for free.

I also came across a quote from Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (otherwise known as Aurum Light) about the current state of the photography industry which I thought was inspiring:

People say the times are hard for photographers… I say that in Photography there was never a better time to do amazing things. The game has changed that is for sure, but there is absolutely space out there for anyone! For you and for me, just find the right spot, make it yours and never let it go!

This is an excerpt from an interview Jaroslav did for 500px.
Read the full interview here.

It’s a well-known fact that Glynn and I research tirelessly to bring you the cutting edge stories in photography every week.
And that’s why we are proud to bring you the story of Kate Upton in a zero-gravity fashion shoot.

Adam sent us a few stories this week…
Time lapses made with images sourced from around the web,
the sneaky ways in which companies will attempt to steal obtain perpetual and unlimited use of your images,
and some absolutely epic self portraits.

Erin told us about the photographer giving away his workshops in exchange for donations to aid victims of the Nepal earthquakes.

Glynn has been shooting Dykes on Bikes,
glowing plankton portraits,
some good suggestions for Nikon and Canon,
and the continuing legal battles over the Vivian Meier catalogue.

Breakthrough PhotographyAnd we finish off with a chat with Graham Clark from Breakthrough Photography about their X2 and X3 ND filters, claimed to be the most colour neutral filters available today. Certainly, the sample images (01 | 02 | 03)appear to hold up the validity of that claim!
Although Graham is currently (as of May 2015) out of stock of the 10-stop filters, he still has plenty of 3-stop and 6-stops available.
Head over to the online store and use this code to get free shipping on your filter:

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May 17, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 296

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This week,Glynn is becoming quite the “International Man of Mystery Lighting Consultant”,
the crazy new Wyoming law that could land you in jail for a year for taking a photo,
the Lily autonomous drone,
the NPR Sally Mann interview,
social media social injustice whoa photographers,
reflections no more,
DPReview’s astounding(ly bad) gallery of 5DRS images,
six of the world’s best wedding photographers,
the Omega reflector,
a cool travel video,
an awesome iPhone case,
Sight Unseen, an interview with an embedded war photojournalist, on Radiolab,
Erin King alerted us to the ol’ Facebook-owns-your-images boogeyman rearing its head again,
Adam told us about the Sydney wedding photographer and the amazing stunt he pulled while shooting a mate’s wedding,
F-Stoppers and OnOne are giving you the current version of Perfect Browse for free,
and Carl told us about another photography workshop operator (Glynn is most upset!) who teaches people how to get the studio look without owning, building or hiring a studio.

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May 10, 2015

Shutters Inc – episode 295

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This week,
Life imitates art,
Joe McNally’s Gitzo tripod shoot,
Carl pointed us toward the awesome work of digital illustrator, Alberto Seveso, who’s just produced a cover for the latest issue of Adobe’s Inspire digital magazine,
the Milk series superheroes from Aurum Light,
Adam showed us the pics of floating feathers that are actually made up of thousands of pictures of naked bodies,
the restaurant that made special plates for smartphone food photos,
Reg Vardy is impressed with fast raw viewer,
Glynn is about to move into a new studio space,
CPW’s June special is “one-on-one for half price”,
digitising your old prints with your phone,
the Nikon P900 can pluck a duck,
and 800ISO isn’t bad either,
the selfie arm for lone travellers,
out of this world shots of the moon,
the difference between CMOS and CCD sensors,
Nikon quality issues again, with regard to Elinchrom Skyport ,
R3 monobath, the single solution for processing your film negs,
awesome mom photographer shares tips on shooting your kids,
ever wondered what your images would have looked like on a Commodore 64?
Well, wonder no longer!
and the stupidly simple idea no one ever thought of, until now.

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