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June 2, 2007

About Audio2u

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Welcome to, your new home of quality podcasts.
Have a quick browse of the site, try out one of our podcasts, and hopefully, we’ll see you back here soon.

Never downloaded a podcast?

Unsure what all the buzz is about? The “What is podcasting” page explains how it all works.


At Audio2u, we are not just another ‘podcast directory’, where every guy with a $10 computer headset can upload an hour of drivel about how much he loves his cat.
We control the quality of our content, by only working with people who have great ideas, fantastic presentation and communication skills, AND a passion for their subject of choice. We call it KillerKontent™.
And, we combine that KillerKontent™ with the skills of an award-winning professional production team; top voice over guys, and audio bods who know how to record a voice track, how to edit it, how to mix it, and most importantly, how to encode it to an mp3 you can actually stand listening to!

Regular content updates

What is the point of podcasting if you’re not going to give your listeners regular content?
Not much, really.
At, you can count on us to keep our podcasts coming in a timely manner.
Have a great day!

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