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January 28, 2018

Episode 393 – We’re back!

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Glynn had an ‘interesting’ month while we were gone.
But I did actually manage to get out and do a photoshoot with Teigan Clarke (who I’ve shot with a couple of times before).
See the images on Facebook or via my website.

There was the interesting and slightly amusing story of the 22 y.o. “social influencer” who wanted hotel accommodation in exchange for some of that “exposure” stuff.

Carl wrote to tell us about the GoMovi, a film-maker’s gimbal for your smartphone,
and to share this “Best of” post from Scott Kelby, in which Scott shares some of his favourite guests from 2017. Some very interesting reading there.

Rob Coates picked up the story of the unlucky Australian landscape photographer who was struck by lightning whilst hiking in King’s Canyon in the Northern Territory. Sadly, the all-too-common practise of carrying his tripod over his shoulder during a thunderstorm proved fatal.

Glynn found the Aurora Variable GND filter, but isn’t quite convinced of its utility. In their defence, it IS marketed as a hard transition filter. Perhaps a truly graduated version will come later?

Glynn also came up with this list of links of all the best photo products announced at CES2018

Um… yeah.
Apparently, that was it.

Also, anyone living in, or visiting Melbourne… Glynn recommends you get along and check out Artvo at Docklands. Clever paintings allow you to stand ‘inside’ them, have your photo taken, and appear in an almost 3D world!
Here are some pics of Glynn’s kiddos…

Jen Loong

Jen Loong – Founder, WanderSnap

And to wrap up, I had a chat with Jen Loong, photographer and entrepreneur behind WanderSnap, a platform which looks to unite non-photographers-on-holiday with local photographers.
Check out what Jen is doing: WanderSnap | Her Instagram | Her personal site