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December 28, 2008

The latest on SI

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As people who follow me on Facebook already know, just before Christmas, I spoke with Shelton.
I can’t elaborate beyond what you have already been told… both of us have had full time commitments which have prevented us from recording over the last 8 months or so.
Some aspects of this predicament have recently changed which should mean that fingers crossed, Shelton and I will be able to recommence production of SI in the new year.
Shelton has some PC audio issues to sort out (which I believe Richard Annable is going to help him with… that right, Richard?), and I am in the process of moving my home studio.
So, suffice to say, there may not be any new podcasts in January, but February SHOULD see us back on the rails.
I’d love to promise you it will be so, but you know how I feel about counting chickens and eggs and things…
So, hang in there gang… this podcast ain’t dead yet.

December 14, 2008

It’s THAT time of year

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Sorry one and all, it’s just been another one of those crazy “leading up to Christmas” type of weeks.
Seems I’ve had something on every night this week, which has meant I got no podcasts recorded at all.
My apologies.
I will do my absolute best to get another BTP and SL out before Christmas.
I’d like to say the same for SI, but you know what that’s like these days!

December 11, 2008

Richard Annable wants your help

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Hi guys,
Richard Annable (yes, he of “crap crap giggle giggle” fame) has over the last 12 months thrown himself 110% into his professional photography career.
And now he wants a new camera.
Trouble is, he hasn’t got the ransom money that Nikon requires of him.
So, he’s set up a website called helprichardbuyad700 and he’s asking for anyone who cares enough to just make a small donation to his cause.
What do you get out of it?
Not much.
Just a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped a guy to get better images.
Check out his blog on the site, too.
Richard is not seeking to get rich off this scheme. He has assured me that once the target is reached, he will close off the donations button.
He just REALLY wants a Nikon D700.
So, if you’ve got a few bucks lying around in your PayPal account doin’ nothin’, and you’re feeling the Christmas spirit…
Go to it.
Richard will be most thankful.