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February 9, 2014

Shutters Inc – episode 250

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This week, more discussion of fire-twirling,
Glynn has come around on the back-button-focus technique we discussed last episode,
five tips for better photography,
the Adobe deal is on again for Australian customers, with the photographer-centric bundle available for just $10 month,
and while we’re on the subject of software, head over here RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW and pick up your FREE (to use FOREVER) copy of OnOne’s Perfect Effects 8,
Sightmap is a neat look at the most-photographed parts of our little blue rock,
Russia is one crazy place: check out these wedding photos, and if you haven’t already heard about it, or seen it, check out the readiness of the Olympic dwellings in Sochi,
the SLR Magic hyper-prime,
Panasonic to sell off 51% of its imaging division,
Glynn found Flag on Kickstarter, a service that promises to print your photos AND mail them to you FOR FREE, yep, you read that right… FREE,
the last professional portrait of Phillip Seymour-Hoffman,
Glynn really likes this lighting technique, but be warned, you’ll need to take out a second mortgage to afford all the equipment to pull it off!,
and he also likes Top Model Release (iOS only), not only because it saves trees, but because most stock libraries will accept it as a legitimate model release.


One Response to “Shutters Inc – episode 250”

  1. Carl Says:

    Re: back focus button
    Hi Bruce,
    I have been using this technique on and off for awhile now, I think you will find it useful?
    Ps happy 250 th

    Here’s the link.