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February 12, 2017

Episode 364 – Aperture test

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This week, Bruce has been testing his lenses, and Glynn is bored by that.
Triggertrap is shutting up shop.
If you’re a fan of the product though, you should jump over to their online store and grab yourself a cable or two, as they’ve all been reduced in price.
Adam also submitted this story with this link.
Steve Peters sent us this story about lens sharpness, and why we needn’t obsess over it.
Also, how the internet is killing your photography,
10 great compact cameras for travelling, although Glynn takes issue with at least one of them,
and a nice piece of comedy which is worth 5 minutes of your time.
Tony White sent us the piece on how you wouldn’t ask a plumber to work for “exposure”.
And Adam sent in the story about LG’s 5k monitors not playing nicely in the vicinity of wi-fi routers,
and a piece on how HDR video production is becoming a big thing.

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