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September 3, 2017

Episode 383 – The Adam Davidson episode

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This week, we’re dedicating the episode to the highest-paid member of the Shutters Inc team, Mr Adam Davidson for his years of dedication to the fine art of “copy and paste”!
I did my shoot with Tammy, which Glynn had much fun in pulling apart.

F-stoppers had this great little piece of satire on the future predictions about photography.
Remember the “monkey selfie”? Turns out, the photographer who owned the camera is “near bankruptcy” (on the podcast, I may have inadvertently said that he HAD declared bankruptcy) after it was deemed that HE is not the image creator. Tough call.
Watch lightning strike a wooden deck, just feet away from the guy who was filming the storm!
And petapixel had this to say about why you don’t need that new camera.

Steve Peters told us about the Brisbane open house weekend, which will be happening 7/8 October 2017.

Adam sent us the story about the cricket reporter holding up his iphone calculator app in lieu of a ‘light meter’,
this story about how digital photography is not free,
and a shout out to a new program airing on ABC Radio National (from September 1, 2017) called “Shooting the past”.

Glynn is pretty excited about Canon’s 3 tilt shift macro lenses,
and their new drink coasters, too!
In an awe-inspiring example of “brand consistency”, Leica has not modified their logo by even one little bit in over 100 years!
There’s the guy who made an iPhone light modifier out of a Big Mac box (problem-solving ftw!)
And this story on colour-grading your images.

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