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September 17, 2017

Episode 385 – Glynn wants a new intro

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This week, Sony announces the new Cyber-shot RX10 IV, which looks to be my idea of a perfect travel camera.

Adam sent us this story about Robert Irwin (Steve Irwin’s 13-year-old son) who is poving to be an amazing photographer. Onya Bob!

And an Australian photographer and his model arrested over nude photoshoot at ancient Egyptian temple.
After we had recorded, David Kembrey linked to this article, where the photographer in questions defends his actions.

Steve Peters shared this story about the recent sale of the building from which L&P Photographics was operating. The building was also the former studio of legendary Australian photographer, Max Dupain. Fears are rife that the history of the building will be lost under the new ownership.
If you don’t recall Dupain’s work, he’s famous for (amongst others) this iconic 1937 image…

Glynn likes the look of the new Spekular LED Lighting,

Joey Lawrence (his website) has released a new hour-long documentary (and accompanying book) called “Born From Urgency”. There’s a story and video link on petapixel,

Godox has just released their new Xpro flash commander, with control of up to 16 groups (view 5 at a time on screen), with output control down to 1/256th power!

How’s this for a mobile darkroom?

DJI is teaming up with Nat Geo to give people the opportunity to try out their drones UAV’s at no charge!

And in the “useless blog post” category, we have instructions on how to turn crappy snapshots into even crappier HDR “portraits”.

Also, I forgot to check my e-mail before we recorded, so those stories and links will be in the NEXT episode! Apologies to those who wrote in this week.

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