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November 26, 2017

Episode 391 – Fainting models

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This week, Glynn brings us up to speed on the, shall we say “interesting”, Cradle Mountain weekend workshop.

Adam sent us the story of the camera battery exploding at Orlando airport,
the story of a scammer on facebook who conned lots of people,
and the guy who THOUGHT he’d receive a $30k bounty from a thankful DJI.

And Rob Coates sent us this rather disturbing story/image.

Glynn has also recently watched “Harry Benson: Shoot First” on Netflix and found it thoroughly enjoyable.
BTW, that link is for the Aussie Netflix site. If anyone wants to send me a link for other markets, I’m happy to include those here.

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One Response to “Episode 391 – Fainting models”

  1. Steve Says:

    “Why couldn’t they bring out a classic designed camera in digital form”? … M8, M9, 240, M10, Monochrome, all designed from the original M3 in the ’50’s, with the same mount.
    Love the podcasts and listening to Glynn’s adventures, or should I say “Mis-adventures” 🙂