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November 20, 2011

Shutters Inc – episode 191

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This week, I caught up with Lorna Andrikopoulos from Instinctive Desires for a chat about what she’s been up to in the last month…
which has included the Nikon AIPP event in Adelaide,
plus a double-nighter of the Focus on Business series in Melbourne the week before last,
and the same double-nighter in Sydney last week!
Topics covered were marketing (first night) and the introduction to the Emotional Sale (second night).
I would suggest that if you are looking to further your photographic sales in a retail environment (weddings, portraiture, etc), then you should definitely check out the DVD and audio CD, both available from Instinctive Desires.
Also, Elsie (aka Amberglass) sent me a message for Neil who wrote in last week asking about how to cope with hot pixels on his camera.
Elsie found Pixel Fixer (some donationware targeted at fixing images suffering due to dead or hot pixels), as well as this article on
Good luck, Neil!

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