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March 10, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 212

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This week, I discovered why I had not been getting the results from my 10 stop filter that I thought I should have been getting. Seems the culprit is light leakage from not using the correct holder (Cokin) for the filter (Hi-Tech). D’oh!
Glynn brought to our attention to the emerging research into Binary Pixel Technology which promises the concept of ‘in-camera ultra-high-dynamic-range’ from one image. I am hesitantly optimistic.
Also, there’s a new Polaroid camera coming from Socialmatic. Images will print from the camera body (like all previous Polaroid cameras), as well as upload to Instagram (as long as you are somewhere where there is an interwebs connection, of course!).
Glynn has been watching ‘Witness’ on Foxtel – a documentary series on war photographers (produced by HBO).
We’d like to know what other photography docos have you seen? Let us know here in the comments, or on the Facebook page (which if you haven’t yet ‘liked’, you really should!).
Glynn also found and really likes the Lens blog from NYTimes.
Then, with Glynn spontaneously deciding to take himself off to India for a personal 5 day phototour, and Bruce and family headed for Borneo in June, we got onto talking about passports, expiry dates, and camera/gear protection for shooting in hot, wet, tropical climates. Glynn likes the Storm Jacket for his wet weather outings.