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March 31, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 215

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This week, a little bit of Springsteen-talk following last week’s 3 Sydney concerts,
Glynn is still culling his hard drive and in the process, decided to create a photobook using an iOS app called Mosaic,
Glynn talks about some apps that can come in useful when travelling like Kayak (iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle),
XE Currency converter (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows),
Trey Ratcliffe’s Stuck on Earth (iOS only),
Sunseeker (iOS only),
Moonseeker (iOS and Android),
Geotagr (iOS only),
Longtime (iOS only),
Pocketscout (iOS now, Android coming soon),
and Picfari (iOS only).
One of Bruce’s favourite apps is PHOforPHO (Android only) which contains not just an exposure calculator but a whole suite of photography tools.
What are your favourite phone-based photography apps?
The CPW Casting Call shoot is coming up on the weekend of the 5th-7th April.
Also, Glynn mentions Chinese photographer Liu Xia, under house arrest, but whose photos have been smuggled out of the country and soon to be on display in the U.S.

Carl Hemmings sent me this link to Scott Kelby’s thoughts on his Kata bag,
Richard Annable sent us this link to the doco about war photographer, James Nachtwey,
and I came across the Nero trigger which looks very interesting.

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