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May 4, 2008

Shutters Inc – episode 109

We’re back!
After a chat about my trip to the States (see the last 3 or 4 posts on if you haven’t already), Shelton talks about 5 Minute Photographer,
how Richard Annable is one of the best photographic assistants he’s ever worked with,
some interesting wedding stories,
5 Minute Photographer (deja vu!),
where YOU should be after you’ve “found the light and put them in it”,
and then some other website about photography…. I think it was called 5 Minute Photographer, or something like that.

April 26, 2008

Big Sur – part 2

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Well, I shot some pictures on my way up here during the day today, and I shot some sunset shots this evening as well.
And I’ve just had the most amazing dinner at a restaurant called Nepanthe.
If you’re ever here at Big Sur, I highly recommend it.
Not cheap, but the food was stunning, and the atmosphere is awesome.
I was sitting outside in the breeze, but they had a huge log fire burning, as well as those gas powered patio heater thingys, so it was nice and warm.
Anyway, seeing as how I don’t do a restaurant critique podcast, that’ll be enough of that.
Here’s a few pics for ya….

Central Californian vineyard In the town of San Luis Obispo Heading north toward Big Sur Still heading north, but looking south
One of the bridges constructed along the coast road Found this place at Big Sur where they have chairs in the creek. Nice. Shot at 100iso f19 for 8 sec with an ND8 filter Had to do it. Same settings Looking south from Big Sur
At Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park More of the same park And some more Late in the day
The same waterfall, an hour or so later