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November 13, 2011

Shutters Inc – episode 190

This week, a quick chat about why I have decided to NOT shoot with auto white balance from here on out.
All of which leads perfectly into our interview with this week’s special guest, Les Walkling.
Les is Australia’s most highly respected authority on colour managed workflow.
Check out the Theory of Practise page on Les’ site for those pdf files he mentioned.
Also, some listener email from Neil regarding hot pixels, and this link to the camera simulator from Ron,
plus an inspirational quote from Ira Glass.
And keep those emails coming in!

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April 5, 2009

Shutters Inc – episode 120

Filed under: CX1,Podcast,Ricoh,Shutters Inc,White balance,workflow — Bruce Williams @ 12:29

This week, Shelton is playing with the new Ricoh CX1,
plus we talk about white balance,
Daryl Gungadoo’s workflow,
and the dude at Paxton’s at North Ryde who deserves an award for telling the truth!
Unlike the clown I ran into yesterday (long after this podcast was recorded, unfortunately) at Clive Anthony’s in Castle Hill, who had absolutely NFI when it came to photography, but was quite happy to stand there and make up crap and sprout it as gospel to every unsuspecting potential camera buyer who walked his way.
Shame shame shame.
How is it that you can strike such polar opposites all within one 7 day period?