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March 31, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 215

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This week, a little bit of Springsteen-talk following last week’s 3 Sydney concerts,
Glynn is still culling his hard drive and in the process, decided to create a photobook using an iOS app called Mosaic,
Glynn talks about some apps that can come in useful when travelling like Kayak (iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle),
XE Currency converter (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows),
Trey Ratcliffe’s Stuck on Earth (iOS only),
Sunseeker (iOS only),
Moonseeker (iOS and Android),
Geotagr (iOS only),
Longtime (iOS only),
Pocketscout (iOS now, Android coming soon),
and Picfari (iOS only).
One of Bruce’s favourite apps is PHOforPHO (Android only) which contains not just an exposure calculator but a whole suite of photography tools.
What are your favourite phone-based photography apps?
The CPW Casting Call shoot is coming up on the weekend of the 5th-7th April.
Also, Glynn mentions Chinese photographer Liu Xia, under house arrest, but whose photos have been smuggled out of the country and soon to be on display in the U.S.

Carl Hemmings sent me this link to Scott Kelby’s thoughts on his Kata bag,
Richard Annable sent us this link to the doco about war photographer, James Nachtwey,
and I came across the Nero trigger which looks very interesting.

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March 24, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 214

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This week, Bruce is off to not one, but three Bruce Springsteen concerts, but sadly, sans camera.
The Trundle trip in April has had to be severely curtailed in scope due to lack of numbers.
Nefarious going’s on in the camera-retail space in Melbourne.
Creative Photo Workshops is about to have a major website overhaul.
Glynn was impressed with the “Fake it til you make it” display on NPR’s website.
Which begs the question…. can composition also be classed as a form of manipulation?
Randy Blythe (singer for metal band “Lamb of God”) is looking for his photographic “style”. Does he HAVE to?
The ever-popular scenario of companies wanting to use your images in return for ‘exposure’ instead of money.
Plus, in honour of this week’s goings-on in Cyprus, we’re offering this epsiode at a 10% discount! 🙂

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March 17, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 213

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This week, in honour of the Facebook page reaching 100 ‘likers’, we’re giving you this episode FREE! 🙂

Les Walkling joins us for a chat about both monitor and printer profiles. Les’ technical papers on Monitor Profiling and Softproofing are at:
There are many other papers and information here.
Also, the ND5 The Story so Far tour is in Sydney on Sunday 7th April at the Maritime Museum Theatre in Darling Harbour.
Plus, Les will be speaking at the following PMA Photoshop Seminars and Workshops:

Friday 15 March – Evening Seminar
Saturday 16 March – One Day Workshop
Friday 22 March – Evening Seminar
Saturday 23 March – One Day Workshop
Friday 25 March – Evening Seminar
Saturday 26 March – One Day Workshop

Glynn advised that the one lens he would choose if he was stranded on a desert island  was his 18-270 Tamron AND his 90mm (I don’t think he gets the idea of which ONE lens would you take!).

If you’d like to pick up some photography work in Banff, Canada during the middle of 2013, contact Lisa Otto at Banff photography and tell her Glynn sent ya!

Glynn also mention the Digital Playground Show (part of the Vivid Festival) coming up soon in Sydney.
Make the most of your modern digital lifestyle by developing your passion for photography. From the unique vantage point of the Overseas Passenger Terminal with stunning views out to the Sydney Harbour foreshore and the Sydney Opera House, there will be exciting exhibits, talks, workshops and pop-up events sponsored by top technology and lifestyle brands throughout the weekend of May 31-June 2.

We also spoke more about my forthcoming trip to Borneo. Being unsure of how much access I’ll have to AC power, Glynn suggested looking into backpack-mounted solar panels for trickle charging throughout the day.
Glynn also shared some tips to getting your roller-style camera bag onto the plane with a minimum of fuss.

Ad finally, National Geographic is celebrating their 125th anniversary with some photos from the archives,


March 10, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 212

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This week, I discovered why I had not been getting the results from my 10 stop filter that I thought I should have been getting. Seems the culprit is light leakage from not using the correct holder (Cokin) for the filter (Hi-Tech). D’oh!
Glynn brought to our attention to the emerging research into Binary Pixel Technology which promises the concept of ‘in-camera ultra-high-dynamic-range’ from one image. I am hesitantly optimistic.
Also, there’s a new Polaroid camera coming from Socialmatic. Images will print from the camera body (like all previous Polaroid cameras), as well as upload to Instagram (as long as you are somewhere where there is an interwebs connection, of course!).
Glynn has been watching ‘Witness’ on Foxtel – a documentary series on war photographers (produced by HBO).
We’d like to know what other photography docos have you seen? Let us know here in the comments, or on the Facebook page (which if you haven’t yet ‘liked’, you really should!).
Glynn also found and really likes the Lens blog from NYTimes.
Then, with Glynn spontaneously deciding to take himself off to India for a personal 5 day phototour, and Bruce and family headed for Borneo in June, we got onto talking about passports, expiry dates, and camera/gear protection for shooting in hot, wet, tropical climates. Glynn likes the Storm Jacket for his wet weather outings.

March 3, 2013

Shutters Inc – episode 211

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This week, we alert those who aren’t already aware to our new Shutters Inc Podcast Facebook page,
Glynn has been checking out various photo sharing sites (Flickr, 500px, 1x),
we talk a bit more about the subject of what to do with all those lost photographic gems on your hard drives,
aspect ratios (make sure you check out this week’s best internet meme if you haven’t already seen it!),
and we’d really like you to submit (to the Facebook page) your best ‘square cropped’ image and tell us why you like it cropped into a 1×1 aspect ratio.