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November 13, 2016

Episode 356 – Lots of tours

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This week, Glynn’s got lots of tours in the planning,
Adobe announcs GST to be added to Australian customers’ invoices as of December 1, 2016.
I came across this guy trying to sell photo paper on Ebay… and failing.
David Marland sent us down a rabbit hole of home made cameras.
There was the pinhole camera from driftwood,
and a replica Leica M3 made of paper,
which was inspired by a Czechoslovakian pinhole paper camera of the 70’s.
Of course, with Glynn’s Dory-like attention span, that led us off to another project… the Lego camera.
Tony White sent us this video of Adobe’s Jason Levine going all “hair metal” during a keynote.
Seems GoPro should be renamed GoD’oh! as the Karma drone/UAV gets recalled. There is also specualtion that the company is pretty soon going to bleed dry.
Glynn found an article on dynamic range, which he had no interest in at all, but thought that I might. Analysis next episode!
There was also the amateur astronomer who trekked 60,000 miles around the globe, shot 37,000 images, and then compiled a 360 degree scrollable/zoomable panorama of the night sky! Clearly, an underachiever! 🙂
Here’s the story, and here’s the image.

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