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November 20, 2016

Episode 357 – Gear for travelling

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This week, one of the best 2016 Supermoon photos,
although Malcolm Fackender did a pretty bang up job with his, too!
Official White House photographer Pete Souza’s favourite photos of Obama,
How the BBC shot the iguana chase scene,
and the cheating wife caught by drone.
Carl likes the look of the Nikon D5600.
Adam sent us the video of the SLR Camera being sliced in half by a 60,000 PSI waterjet,
and the news that Affinity Photo is now available as a free beta on Windows.

Google has been busy this week, with an update to the Photos app,
plus two new pieces of software:
Photo scan (here’s a video to watch),
and software designed for smooth upsizing of low-res images called RAISR.
Glynn is intrigued by how different portrait prizes are judged.
And no lens? No problem! Hitachi is working on a lens-less camera!
And David Marland reviews “When photography really works” by Val Williams.
Grab it on Amazon here.

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